Haayyy.. Welcome

Welcome to my brand new blog site.. 🙂

Nahuman rajud ang CSS. I was editing the CSS and I was beginning to have a headache. Design was never my forte. (As if I have a forte at anything). Well anyways, I’m glad it’s all done and I am happy with the result. Its not the best design in the world pero pinaghirapan ko to so Oks na rin..

I have a lot of plans for this blog. I will be posting kikay stuff and practical tips and all things I think any pinay would enjoy. Kaya kulaypinay ang title ko. I am also buying the kulaypinay.com domain pero may sira yata sa Namecheap.com, the registrar where I bought the domain name. By the way, beware of that site. I have a bad experience from them. Kakainis.

I wish to gain new friends through this site. I hope matupad. I will also be posting in bisaya once in a while. Proud bisaya man god ko. hehe..

Haaayy.. I hope many people would enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoyed reading and writing about them.. hehehehe.


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