Hot Summer Sun

For ladies who love to get the most out of summer by going to the beach and working on that tan, I have these reminders to protect yourselves from the pitiless heat of the sun. These might be basic, but a little reminder doesn’t hurt anyone.

The sun is at its full blast between 10 AM to 3 PM. It’s best to do your sun frolics before 10 and after 3. Unless you want to be lechon-red by the end of the day…
Apply plenty of sun-block. The higher the SPF, the better. And apply frequently (every after 30 minutes to an hour).
A bare face is best on the beach but if you really MUST apply make up, keep it at a minimum. A slight tint on the cheeks, colored lip balms and you’re good.
Do not forget the hair…my gosh. Can’t have hair like walis tingting after summer, diba. Apply a leave-on conditioner (or any conditioner) to keep your hair protected and moisturized under the sun and chlorine from water chemicals. Conditioner is a cheap but effective way to protect the hair. Slather a generous amout before jumping into the water.
Lips. Cracked, dry lips are painful. Apply lip balms.
Protect the eyes with shades and sun-glasses.
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Heat strokes are pretty common during summer.
Lastly, hats and bongos are also a fashionable way to shield the hair and eyes.


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