Pinay Head Nurse in Italy

I felt pride while hearing the news at Bandila (ABS-CBN) a few weeks back that a Filipina is the Head Nurse of one of the biggest hospitals in Milan, Italy, the San Rafael Hospital.

Marilou de la Fuente is one of the many kababayang Pinay that we have to be proud of. She has been working as a nurse in San Rafael Hospital for quite a few years and when the Head Nurse position was open, she took the exams along with hundreds of colleagues, Filipinos, Milanos, and others. She topped the exams beating every one of them! Now, she heads the Nurses department, taking charge of the thousands of other nurses under her wings.

What I liked about Marilou was that she was very humble. She spoke in tagalog the whole duration of the interview and there was no Milano accent at all. She seemed to have not forgotten where she came from and was also very thankful of her blessings. She has a Medical Mission like free consultation and medicine. She also seemed compassionate of her fellow Filipino nurses under her.

I believe we have to give credits to Filipinos who have exemplary accomplishments and take pride and be happy for them. To hell with Crab Mentality. I expected to find something written about Marilou in the internet but found nothing. Nada. Not even in the ABS-CBN site. You try to search in Google the name Marilou de la Fuente enclosed in qoutations: “Marilou de la Fuente” (Google will find the exact phrase when you enter keywords enclosed in quotations). This will be your result: Your search – “Marilou de la Fuente” – did not match any documents.

If you cannot be found in the internet, it is as if you do not exist. I believe people like Marilou deserves to be Googled at the least.

The internet is becoming the primary source of information because of its accessibility and richness in resources. And I hope to make use of this technology to recognize our good people.


6 Responses to “Pinay Head Nurse in Italy”

  1. thank you for this info. was googling for pinays in diaspora when I chanced on your site.
    Congratulations to another successful Pinay nurse abroad.


  2. Hi ms. marlou! =) Thanks po for dropping by.
    Yes, there are a lot of unsung heroes out there. Hope we could bring more out to the open.

  3. hi.. i hope i can go there and work also as a nurse… hope u can help me coz i dont have any idea regarding what are the requirements to be qualified…tnx

  4. Informative and entertaining. I’ve added your blog to my “reading material.” Keep me updated!

  5. Natalie Hoffer Says: has all Scrubs episodes online for free

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