SSS ID Application Walkthrough

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE WORKING FOR SSS. The steps you’ll read below is a documentation on my experience how I got my SSS ID. While I appreciate your comments, I can not do anything for any of your complaints nor could I answer any of your questions with regards to your personal SSS accounts. If the SSS website is down, I can not do anything about that.

Owkayz?? 🙂


I wrote a new article that documented the steps on registering an account on the new SSS website. Please visit here: SSS, Are you kidding us? It’s not funny.


We all need the SSS ID, right? Isa sa mga “Valid” IDs na ipapepresent kahit saan. And I’m sure lahat natatakot at nasisindak sa sangkatutak na taong nagpipila sa loob at labas ng SSS office.

If you are still to get an SSS number, too bad. You have to join that line of people. 😆 But for those who already have their number and will now be applying for the SSS ID, hurrayyy.. No need to waste your sweat on that stampede.

I applied for the SSS ID this morning and it was just a breeze. So go get yourselves that precious VALID ID, hehe. Here’s how.

1. Download the E-6 form from the SSS website. Click on Forms at the left navigation pane. Then select E-6 from the list. Or click here for the direct link: E6 Form. Print then fill up the information needed. Do not worry about the Employer ID info required in the form. Just read on.

2. Click Online Inquiry at the navigation pane at the left panel and Log-in to your account. Log in using your SSS number, surname and birthdate. You will be directed to the Employee Static Information page. Member Details will be shown.

UPDATE (020309) – Since the SSS website is updated, Steps 2-4 no longer apply. Please follow this instead: How to Login to SSS.

3. Click on Employment History at the left panel. You will be shown a list of all your employers, past and present. Copy the employer number of your company into the form.

4. Click SSS ID Clearance at the left panel. If the note says “Member Qualified for an SSS ID Card”, then you are cleared and eligible to apply for the ID. Print this page. Just click the File menu of the browser, then Print.

5. Go to the SSS office. Tell the guard you already have an SSS number, the E-6 form and the ID Clearance and that you are applying for the ID. He should give you a priority for your picture to be taken.

6. Get in line at the SSS ID section and get your picture taken. Present two IDs from the list stated at the 2nd page of the E-6 form. If you have your company ID and an ATM card with your complete name, then you should be fine.

7. You’re done. Just wait for the SSS ID to be mailed at your home or office address (whichever you chose). Or maybe you want to get the SSS ID at their office.

That was just what I did for my SSS ID application. Experiences may vary though. But I think the same system applies to all SSS branches. And by the way, the whole duration of the application didn’t last an hour for me. Went there at 8:00 AM. The earlier, the better. Early bird catches the worm, ika nga.


Additional tips from Rushu (thanks!):

mas maganda ilocate nyo muna kung sang branch kayo pupunta. You can check it here:

Tapos tawagan nyo if online sila para mag pa card..marami kcng instances na ang haba haba ng pila sabay offline pala.

And then after that..since ang SSS website is laging can check it out search ko lng den to s internet..but it could help

at para sa form..pwede na kayo dumaretso sa website na to:

ok! goodluck saten!! he he he 🙂


293 Responses to “SSS ID Application Walkthrough”

  1. The problem is, how long would it be delivered to you?

  2. That is always the problem with Philippine government offices.. 😆 But to answer your question, I don’t know since I haven’t got mine yet and it’s exactly 1 month this day that I applied for the ID. Maybe I’ll have to follow it up at SSS as soon as I have the time.

  3. bakit
    Webpage has timed out?

  4. I finally got the ID yesterday. July 23, 2007, and that’s exactly 3 months after I applied. Oh well, what do you expect? I’m just glad it finally came. By the way, it was delivered to my office as I’ve indicated in my form.

  5. sa mga kawani ng sss, pde po bang pkiayos ang service ng website nyo??, mrami na kasing naabala ,lalo na kaming mga nag aapply sa trabho yun ang pina-kaunang hina hanap sa amin!!! parang awa na po nyo!!! alang alang sa serbusyo publiko nyo!! salamat po ng marami.

  6. sana po maintindihan nyo naman kami!!! pakiayos nman po ng website nyo!!! di rin kami binigyan ng form lalo na sa mga 1st timer magtrabaho.. sa tuwing mag aacess kami sa ay ito plgi nakapost,”No Response from Application Web Server
    There was no response from the application web server for the page you requested.
    Please notify the site’s webmaster and try your request again later.” sana nman poh ayusin nyo na po yang website nyo

  7. what the fuck are you doing there !!!??can you please tell us what’s the problem of your site!!!!everytime we’re trying to access this site its always down!!!! is that what you call a public service?? you danmed mushhead!!! are you try’n to screwed us!!! i think your hiding our contributions and tax payments for all of you out there SSS!! “social security systems of the down” FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you.

  8. simpleng tao Says:

    to our respective sss oficials,
    we, the people of the rpublic of phil. are would lyk to request about the problem of your site or the “”
    the said website are not responding or not functionning very well, most of us cannot have the ff. form as of: sss static information, employment history and statement of account. please try to understand our emotion.

    thank you.

  9. Hi Guys,

    I am not a government official working for the SSS. I am just an ordinary Pinoy worker like you. If you have been reading this post to get information on how to apply for an SSS ID, I hope this write-up helped you with the process.

    However, I can’t help you with your complaints nor could I bring it to people in authority. But I could provide you with the email address posted in the SSS website. Try to email at at ibuhos nyo lahat mga aligutgot nyo..


  10. hello mitch.. ask ko lng po kung san branch ka ng sss ng pa ID?


  11. Hello Lovey,

    I’m in Cebu and I applied for the ID at Mactan SSS branch. Our SSS application experience may vary; there might be fewer people lining in queue to get the ID here in Cebu compared to those in Manila.


  12. everytime i check the website of sss..”the page cannot be displayed”…jejeje..kailan ko kaya yong website ng sss??..paki.follow-up po sa website..para nman maging madali ang lahat!!!…more power!

  13. The SSS site is still down. But here’s a link of Form E-6 (SSS ID APplication Form):

  14. The SSS website is still so down. I hope they fix it soon or they can go shove it down their SSSes.
    And I cannot help buy say that those SSSes owes my granny a lot. My grandmother has not received a single cent of her pension from those SSSes since time immemorial. It’s been 50 years since she retired and whenever my uncle inquires about it, those SSSes tell him that they could not find her records!!! They promised to investigate about it but I am suspecting they were delaying it until my grandmother passes away and can no longer claim what is rightfully hers. Hello SSSes! Uso pa ba sa inyo ang kaluluwa at budhi?

  15. bkt ganun d ko mkuha ung sss id clearance ko, ang lumalabas 500 internal server error, ibig sbhn b nun d pa ko pwede kumuha ng sss id? pno b mgng eligible?

  16. @igbalic – I hope they’ll fix it soon. Useless site nila.

    @eclairss – Thank you po. I’ll include the form’s direct link to the guide above. And I’m sorry to hear about ur grandma’s pension. I heard about people saying their SSS accounts have been loaned even if they didn’t apply for one.

    @joyce – SSS site is down. Pwede ka pa ring kumuha ng SSS ID. Most of the time, people are eligible or cleared to get the ID if they have complied with the requirements during the application for the SSS Number. I believe birth certificate yung requirement. You can still go to SSS to get your ID but they have to check first if you’re cleared for an ID and this will cost you time. Okay sana if may printout ka na ng clearance mo para diretso kana lang sa picture-taking. Pero sira yung site. Yun ang problema nating lahat. 🙂

  17. walang kwenta ang WEB SITENG SSS BULOK.
    patiang sistema BULOKden.,..

    computerrize daw huh???? masmabilispa ang pagong kung kumilos sa computer nila…

    mukhang di uling ata ang mga computer nila eh…

  18. hey!! ako ren pipili for the id card today..huhuhu..anyway, advise ko lang, mas maganda ilocate nyo muna kung sang branch kayo pupunta

    you can check it here..

    tapos tawagan nyo if online sila para mag pa card..marami kcnng instances na ang haba haba ng pila sabay offline pala. hayyy

    and then after that..since ang SSS website is laging can check it out search ko lng den to s internet..but it could help

    at para sa form..pwede na kayo dumaretso sa website na to

    ok! goodluck saten!! he he he 🙂

  19. Thanks for this outline of steps! Really helpful. My boyfriend really needs an official ID. I’d like to get my own too but I still can’t check my SSS ID clearance (500 internal server error). I did submit my E-6 form in September 2006 to my new employer then but I don’t know if SSS ever sent my ID. Sigh.

  20. desert claw Says:

    hayop tang ina..perwisyo kayo..bkit invalid eh tama nmn ung sss number ko b-day at surname tapos invalid..puuuuutaaaaa!!sbi nyo mag internet bit ndi ko mkuha d2,,tang iuna ayw nyo mgprint out outaaa!!!!!!!

  21. mr nice cute!! Says:

    bkit ganyan kelangan ko ng statistic info,employment,at background..hinihingi ung sss number surname at b-d8.tama nm,n lgay ko pero aya p rin ..e2 web site oh ayusin nyo nmn tau lng ngpa2sweldo sa sarili ntin puaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. mr nice cute!! Says:

    putannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa nnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Nice Cute: get your good manners ha?? nakakairita kase..dapat nga thankful pa tayo kay Ms. Mitch kase gusto lang nya tayong tulungan,..hay nako..dapat talaga malawak ang mang-unawa mo..anyway..emotion mo yan..

    • Nakakairita nga. Brad mag aral ka ulit ng GMRC. kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Marami ang walang disiplina kahit sa cyberspace. Magbasa muna bago magcomment. Maraming namamaty dahil sa hindi pagbabasa ng sign boards at warning signs.

  23. hay nako, parati nalang ako ang minumura. hahaha.. I only wrote about how I got my ID! 🙂

    • haha! kawawa ka naman ate.

      • Salamat sa author ng blog na ito. Ipagpaumanhin mo na lang itong kababayan (mr nice cute!!) natin na “literal” na lost in translation. Nagbasa yata pero hindi naitranslate ng maayos ang binasa. Mukhang taliwas sa adhikaiin na mapalakas ng gobyerno ang labor force ng Pilipinas kung pag-iisipan ang malaking “delay” na dinudulot ng simpleng pamimigay ng ID’s. Buti ka pa Mitch may ID na.

  24. Hey! Pasay-Roxas branch has not-so-long lines. After 30 minutes of waiting para lang kunin number ko, i was done. It’s fast there. It’s in HK Sun Plaza.

  25. Thanks Sophia. Oh guys, punta na kau sa Pasay-Roxas branch!

  26. hay, i applied for an ID last aug. 3 pa.. and guess what, wala pa din.. aug. 1 pa lang daw napa-process nila at hindi daw muna sila nagpa-process.. hindi daw alam kung kelan magagawa ‘yung ID ko.. kamusta naman ‘yon?

  27. Ganun ba? Grabe naman yun. I hate these f*ck*n government offices. Ang laki pa naman deduction ng sahod for tax, what do we get in return?!

  28. FYI lang sa mga may balak mag-apply sa SSS Pasig: They only release e-6 forms pag umaga. please don’t ask me why. when i called the East Ave. branch, wala daw dapat schedule yun kasi form nga lang naman eh. what’s the big deal,anyway?

    So yes, better print your own copy. It saves you time din kasi you get to fill it out when you’re still at home. Sa SSS kasi good luck kung may mahiram kang pen dun or a desk/table you can use to fill out the form.

    Maraming salamat sa info, Mitch. Very helpful. 🙂

  29. Thanks for your info and tips too, Dea! 🙂

  30. Hehehe. Good luck sa lahat ng di pa nakakakuha ng SSS ID.

    And for those na nagmumura sa site na to.

    MAY UTAK ba kayo, tumutulong na lang ang Moderator nagmumura pa kayo

    Para kayong walang pinag aralan. Malamang wala nga..

    Sa Moderator and sa iba,

    Tnx a lot. nakatulong kahit pa no.







    • Michelle Says:

      I agree with that! there should be online photo taking na rin.
      I am a voluntary member and i am paying on time. Pag magbabayad ka
      and dali, very accessible lahat ng payment services.

      Pag services nila ang kailangan, ang daming kaartehan! Down ang server, absent ang staff, 120 lang ang kayang i-accommodate per day, at kung anu-ano pa.

      And what’s worst some employees and staff are rude, starting from the security guard. Magtatanong ka lang eh aangasan ka pa. They should be well trained to be patient and polite, because they are dealing with all types of people..

  34. @ Angel – Thanks for backing me up. Angel ka talaga.

    @ SOUL SURVIVORES – I agree with your suggestion that perhaps we could just take a digital picture of ourselves and send it to them if that could speed up the process.


  35. to whom it my concern i just us lang bakit ang tagal mgawa yang sss id ko anong prob. noong sept.12 2007 pa me nag apply ng id 7 month na me nagbabayad ng contribution ah pls. nman oh paki nlang yon kc ang unang hinahanap nila na valid id pls …………………… god bless to all the workers sss gov. thank you to all of you..

  36. i always inquir in website nyo bakit invalid ang sign ko tama nmam ang iwrite ko don sa sunud ko nman instraction why…………i need your help even bilihinn ko nlang yng id nyo para magka id lng me

  37. @cuty pay – First off, I am not an SSS employee. This post is just a documentation of how I applied for my SSS ID. May I ask, did you go to any SSS branch to APPLY for an ID? Kailangan mo pang mag-apply and follow a process before nila magawa ang ID mo. Hindi automatic na bibigyan ka ng ID the moment you contributed to SSS. Kaya, I suggest you follow the steps in this article and learn from the tips and experiences contributed by others.

    Hope that helps.



  38. of course i apply my id in pasig brance last year sept 12 2007 so 5 month from now wala pa so i need your help ………asap i need it so much

  39. cuty pay – to what address did you specify na ideliver ang ID mo? Home or office? I suggest you ask your family members if they received anything from SSS and if in the office naman ang pinili mo, ask the guard if a letter was delivered for you. If wala sa dalawa, I guess you will have to go back to SSS Pasig branch and inquire for your ID. Yun lang ang maiisip kong paraan. 🙂


  40. pumunta na nga me doon binigay lang tel.# ng id developer daw i call nman the girl answer me wait a moment biglang maghang i tray to call 10 times a day ganon always, the other day i try to go in main office sa diliman nasa linya na ako tapus nagsalita yung nagbibigay ng id wala pa daw yang august binulung ko nlang to my self fuck….. me……..god bless to all of us.can you help me my dear answerer….oh happy valentines day…….

  41. Hi cuty pay, belated happy VDay. Sorry, I can’t help you out. Hindi ako ngtatrabaho sa SSS eh. Parang religion din kasi yan.. Have faith. Hehe.

  42. ei guyzzz, i read all ur “facts and fucks” about SSS ID.
    I find it very funny and amusing, di q alam qng kukuha p b q ng ID o hindi na….

  43. Thank you madam, you’ve been very helpful. ^^


    nag pachange status kami ng husband ko and he fill up e6 at napicturan na rin last dec 26 2007 pa bakit hanggang ngaun wala pa rin ung kanyang ss i.d ang sabi 1 month lang it almost 3 months na wala parin.ano ba talaga

  45. August 14, 2007 pa ako nag-apply ng ID sa SSS. Matagal na rin kasi akong may number, pero ngayon lang ako nangailangan ng ID. Aba!, kakacheck ko lang kanina (April 2, 2008) sa SSS branch na in-applyan ko ng ID (Cubao), wala pa rin?!?!?!

    Ayun, check tuloy ako sa net kung gaano katagal kumuha ng ID, kaya napunta ako sa site na ito. Di pala ako nag-iisa sa pag-mumura. Sige, sabay-sabay natin silang isumpa, at baka tumalab.

    Ms Mitch, bakit ganun, sayo ang bilis lang ng processing, yung sa amin ang tagal?

  46. hello everyone. i symphatize with all of you. kase ako november pa last year nag-apply. i was also told that i will receive it by december ( but even then i highly doubted it). ang ginamit kong address eh yung sa office ko, but, surprise surprise, nagresign na ako’t lahat from that company, wala pa rin ang SSS ID ko. so, syempre i have to always check it with this old company if may nareceive na cla. up until this monday, wala pa rin daw :(. and so, i decided to go to one of the SSS branches here in QC to inquire about the status of my ID.whether or not im just waiting in vain. true enough mga friends, we are waiting in vain ( for the meantime atleast) kase according to the clerk, SIRA AND ID REPRODUCTION MACHINE NA GINAGAMIT NILA TO PRODUCE SSS IDs SINCE AUGUST 07 DAW AT WALANG TIMELINE AS TO WHEN MAAAYOS UN!. i mean, i was like, what kind of service do you have??? para namang di nila alam na un ang isa sa mga IDs na kailangan mo esp. when you’re working!what the f**** talaga!this among others is one of the Filipino flaws which makes me wish i have a different nationality.urgh!

    • woah! same case in SSS Sta. Maria Bulacan branch. It’s like, bakit di nalang nila sabihin “we are sorry for the inconvenience, ID capture is undergoing some maintenance and we’ll fix it when we feel like it.”

      same effect din kasi e.

  47. Hello. 🙂

    @Kirbs – I waited 3 months and I thought it was way too long to wait for the ID. Pero compared to some na parang infinity na yatang naghihintay, thank God for small blessings. 🙂 I’m just glad I already got mine. I am in Cebu so maybe okay ang ID processing ng SSS dito. I don’t know if they produce the IDs locally or may designated branch talaga na gumagawa nito. Pero may kaibigan akong nag-apply ng ID sa Iligan City, maliit lang na cyudad sa Mindanao with a few thousand population at parang 2 months lang ata hinintay nya. So I guess local ang pagproduce ng ID at dedepende sa branch ang speed and efficiency of ID production.

    @Sam – LOL. They said you’ll get the ID by December ’07 kahit alam nila na August07 pa sira yung machine nila? Hahaha… Haayy nako. BULOK talaga. Mabuti sigurong ipa-Imbestigador na ang mga taong to.

  48. rhey lumanog Says:

    hey ate i saw your blog when i was trying to figure out how to print an on-line history of my sss contributions. i would like to ask if you can help me get one kasi pariting hindi nagloload ang page ng sss pag nag online inquiry me.

  49. Just log-in to your online account. Go to the section where your contributions history is displayed then go to File > Print.

    • san po ba ako maglolog-in muna para makita ko yung account ko….. anong website po ba yung dapat kong puntahan at alin dun ang dapat kong iclick? thanx!!! more powers!!!

  50. taong sebilisado.!!! Says:

    putang ina gobyerno bulok..!!!! ginagawa na tayong kriminal pag walang maipakitang legal documents. sila ang kriminal pinapakayod lang ang taong bayan. BULLLLOOOOOOKKKKKK gobyerno ko noh!!! shit…… tayo na nga tong magbabayad.. tayo pa tong pahihirapan.

  51. taong sebilisado.!!! Says:

    500 Internal Server Error

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: path must begin with a “/”
    at com.evermind[Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( ].server.http.HttpApplication.getRequestDispatcher(
    at sss.inquiry.Controller.doPost(
    at sss.inquiry.Controller.doGet(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
    at com.evermind[Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( ].server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(
    at com.evermind[Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( ].server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(
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    at com.evermind[Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( ].util.ReleasableResourcePooledExecutor$


  52. Gus2 ko po magaaplay ng SSS id kac ndi me makapunta ng personal sa office nio ndi po kac me makaalis sa trabho ko cnxa na po

  53. Ziggurat Says:

    I applied for the ID last Nov 6, 2007. Today is April 17, 2008 and I still haven’t recieved my ID. Grabe!!!!!

  54. It was in 2004 when I applied for SS ID at Manila branch and I received my ID in just a month. September last year, I had to apply for a new ID due to changes made on my name. Months passed and several e-mails were sent to SSS but no update yet on when the machine (processing IDs) will be fixed. Its so frustrating.

  55. wow…grabi naman ang mga comments…ang hirap talaga pag taong bayan lang tayo at naghintay lang nang serbisyo sa gobyerno, kailangan talaga mag tiis, kasi kung lagi tayong mag react nang mag react sa kanila useless parin…sila ang naka upo doon habang tayo nanganga-ilangan lang…
    wazzup guys…

  56. naka base ako sa mandaue city, of cebu…ms mitch madali lang ba talaga kung magpakuha ka nang sss id…?

  57. sa pagkaka-alam ko isang buwan lang proccessing dito sa sss lapu-lapu e’mail na nila agad u’ng sss id…but im not sure if ganun lang ba talaga kadali….kailangan pa ba may contribution ka bago mag pakuha nang sss id?….

    aloha to every one….

  58. Lagut jud q sss oi kta lang gipangwarta,dli ta kabayad sa atong loan dako kaau interest.Nya claim q maternity ang gibasihan ang month nga walay contribution nga unta over 36 months nman unta aq contribution from my previous employer up to this present.Ato man unta nang kwarta kita man noon ang lisud2xron nga buot huna2xon kita ang nag sweldo nila. Ala jud ni au ang gobyerno oi.Bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesit!!!

  59. @chubby – Yup I agree when you said mahirap pag ordinaryong taong bayan lang tayo. And yes, madali lang mag-apply ng SSS ID sa mactan branch as long as complete lang ang requirements. Just follow the steps I provided above and the only thing left to do is get in line para magpakuha ng picture. However, receiving the ID is another story. 🙂 If you’re lucky, you can have it after 3 months (like me). Miracle na yata kung makuha mo after a month as they promised (atik kau sila). And as you noticed, most of the commentors in this blog ay nagmumura.. lol. Meaning….

    @CHARING – Mao ba? Mahadlok man sad ta muloan ani oi. Wala pajud ko kasuway gamit sa SSS benefits and judging from yours and others’ experiences, I don’t want to try. Which I think defeats the true purpose of paying for the SSS. Every month ta nagbayad (compulsory and with no reklamo) nya kung gamiton na nato, agi pa tag dalan nga tunokon. Haaaayyy. Pwede wala nalang ni cya? 😦

  60. Darlene B. Dizon Says:

    good day.

    just want to know why i haven’t received my laminated SSS ID yet. I had it updated and applied for the new ID since October last Year

  61. Thanks for the post.
    I need to get my SSS ID, and your post could help me…

  62. diba sira ang id system at kailangang sa main branch kumuha sa QC? kelan dw ito maayos? hay naku.. good luck sa taong bayan

    *hanggang ngaun wala pa din ang ID ko.

  63. bkt ganon?!!!!

    server error

    500 internal server error…

    BASURA NYO nA YnG website NYO!!!!

  64. sos…akoa pud sss ID wla pa jud intawon naabot…dec.2007 pako nagfile for sss Id but until now wla pa jud. faet! 48 yrs pa ba to maabot sa akoa? unsaon nlng imbis need unta jud kaayo nko…

  65. pwede pki ayos naman ang website nyo at ang service nyo lalong lalo n sa sss east ave. branch.. hindi maganda ang serbisyong pangpubliko.. sana malaman ng pangulo natin lahat ng pinaggagawa ninyo.. salamat po.

  66. dontexpect Says:

    Sira pa rin daw yung ID Machine ng SSS. Sa Pluto dw kasi yun pinagawa, sa Pluto lng dw din yun maaayos. 4.34Billion miles from earth. Nung August 2007 pa yun nasira. Hintayin nyo nalang. Papunta na dw sila dun pero nagkaroon pa sila ng problem kung anong sasakyan nila. Ang alternative nila ngayon ay hanapin si superman para mas madali. Kaya lang kulang daw ang ibinigay ni GMA para pamasahe nila na 750Mil. Nagproprotesta pa ang mga yun sa Malacañang para dagdagan ang budget na binigay para sa ID System.

    Haaaayyy…Nawawalan nalang tuloy tayo ng pag-asang mabago ang pag-uugali nating mga Pilipino.

  67. bakit po hanggang ngayon sa aking last december 2007 pa ako nagpa-ID pero until now wala pa rin. is this a joke? grabe nman yan..anong klase bang services ang binibigay nyo sa amin. kayo kaltas kayo ng kaltas sa mga sweldo namin may angal ba kami. dapat lang you should provide also a good service in return. para kami ay masiyahan sa mga serbisyo ninyo.

  68. Sorry I can’t help you guys. Please continue on airing out your complaints here and let’s hope and pray somebody with authority would notice this thread.

  69. hello po..i’d like to apply for SSS… kaya lang po..taga paranaque ako..kala ko ba kaht saan basta may SSS office pwede mag apply? pano po ba dapat? tnx =)

  70. @kezia – yep kahit saan pwede. read the steps outlined above then punta ka lang sa sss branch malapit sa inyo. goodluck.

  71. yung sss id nio b may birthdate?

    ung iba wala eh, is there someone that could explain this..thanks..

  72. last aug 25 pa ako ng pa id until now wla pa din,,,un pa nman ang 1 sa importanteng id…kelan kaya mgkakkaron ng id

  73. August of last year? grabe naman. In a few days, august na…

  74. sss buendia, almost 3 months bago m mreciv..

    same case sa kakilala ko n nagapply ng sss id august last year, wla p den id..

  75. santa's little helper Says:

    guys, fyi: the moderator is not an employee of SSS. this is just an entry in her blog. it amuses me how stupid people are. please read the whole thread before you post.

    best of luck to all those who are applying for an SSS card. i for one am applying. may we all get what we are looking for.

    cheers to Mitch!

  76. Lady Constantine Says:

    SSS ID…
    Hayyy, malaking disappointment yang ID na yan!!
    SOOooooooooooooOOOOOOoooBRANG DYAHE!
    Sabi nila 4-5 months daw, Nag apply ako ang November 2007 and ano na ngayon?!?! July 2008 at WALA PARIN!!!
    Anong klaseng systema meron dyan?! pipila ng mahabang mahaba para lang magpapicture at maghihintay ka ng ilang bwan para sa WALA!!! sinong hindi ma ddisappoint nyan?! kailangan ko pa mag leave sa trabaho para habulin yung letcheng ID na yan dahil walang sumasagot sa hinayupak na hotline at hindi maaccess sa internet ang ID status!!! AND WHAT SUCKS THE MOST IS THAT IMPORTANTE ANG ID NA ITO AT NAGHUHULOG KA BWAN BWAN DAHIL SA AUTOMATIC NA KINAKALTAS ITO SA SAHOD MO TAPOS GANITO LANG ANG SERVICE NA MAKUKUHA MO!!!

  77. …just fot the record, I am ranting about SSS w/ch is the topic and not at the thread master okay.. hahaha

  78. yup august last year,,,until now pla pa,,,and once a wik tumatawag ako sa sss main ofice and sa branch kung san me ng aaply for my new id,,,at ang sinasabi lng nila ay sira dw ung machine for prossesing ng id,,and they dont know kung hanggang kelan ito,,,i really need that,

  79. sherill c. castro Says:

    oh my!!! what kind of service is that!!! follow up din ako jan’08 ako nag apply para lng sa id up to now july’08 wala pa rin 7 MONTHS NA!!! tapos sasabihin nila 3 mos delivered thru mail ano ba yan??? dapat gawan nila yan ng paraan kuha sila ng kuha ng pera sa atin pero yun service nila palpak. for the fact na meron na kong SSS# since 1995 gagawin lng nilang id as new na my picture whatever eh napakatagal! bulok ang sistema sino kaya dapat palitan??? terrible sa BAGAL!!!

  80. SSS should be deregulated and privatized. As long as it is a monopoly, and worse, a government monopoly, all inefficiencies, wastes, if not large-scale robbery, will happen. Monopolists can behave as arrogantly and inefficiently as they can. Total, wala naman ibang options mga tao. Next time nyan, doblehin nila monthly contributions natin, eh ano, may magagawa ba tayo? may option ba tayo for another social security provider? wala, sa kanila lahat.

  81. Hi all,

    Thanks for all your comments. I hope someone with authority would stumble upon this page at mabasa lahat nga mga hinanaing. 🙂

    And for the record, I don’t mind your rants. I’m glad we all have some venue to post some of our frustrations.


  82. ano ba un site ng sss pakiayos naman! puro perwisho! nagiba nga ng site, bagal2 nmn mgload at d pa ngoopen! un register nyo cra rin!

  83. i was applying for my SSS ID and my picture was captured last January 30, 2008 but until now i haven’t receive my ID yet. I called the SSS in our area but according to them, the machine printing the ID is under maintenance. Why does it take too long for me to wait? It has been 7 months? How many more months do i need to wait for my ID? Next week I will be changing my status but my first ID is not yet done?

  84. bago na ang website ng sss kaya lang kailang mong mag signup to get info…. but before that you need to fill up and last info was employer ID or SUB reciept # with in 6months , pano kung youve been unemployed for 1 yrs.. pano ka mag signup . san kukunin ung employer ID #???? Pls. help naman dyan….

  85. phenphen Says:

    help nmn po… dti kc mdali ko nki2ta ung actual premiums ko…ngyon ndi ko n mkita.. ndi ko po alm kung anung steps ggwin.

    dati.. itatype u lng ung sss no mu,bday,name,last name..nyon po ndi n… pno n b ngyon???

  86. Hi Mitch, guys,

    I wrote an article about social security monopoly and the SSS, and i mentioned your blog and the exchanges here:

    bisitahin nyo ha; kaso baka lalo kayong magalit sa SSS 🙂

  87. michelle Says:

    hi, do u knw where to get the employer id now? cause there isn’t any information found in the sss website anymore. 😦

  88. hanggang kelan po kya bago maayos ung machine nila? bka forever ng sira…sana sabihin nila na wag nalang muna magpagawa ng id kc sira ang machine kesa pinagmu2ka nilang tanga ang mga tao kakahintay. wala ba taung malalapitan at masusumbungan para aksyunan nila yang napakasimpleng bagay na yan? haay… buhay pinoy nga naman.

  89. michelle… ang alam ko ang employer id hinihingi sa hr ng company. sa kanila mo itatanong ung employer id nila. kc ganun ginawa ko sakin… hope this would help.

  90. thanks for this information tini aparently hindi nakakatulong ang hr namen at hindi pa sila nagrereply sa email ko anyway thanks again and if someone knows an easier way please message me. thanks =)

  91. Hi all and thank you very much for your comments. I have been very busy lately, thus the late reply. I’ve written a new article on SSS. Please read this when you have the time:

    The steps to registering an account to the new website is also documented there. Kaya lang, I had a problem when I registered.

    @Nonoy – I appreciate very much your including this page in your article. I’m not the smartest person when it comes to matters of the state but I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE that SSS “contributions” should not be made mandatory. And as you said, a contribution is voluntary by nature and if I have a choice, I won’t volunteer, thank you very much.

    Again, thanks all for the comments and keep it coming.

  92. Their website is always down, puro offline yung mga branches…

    What I need is just a simple ID. Bakit napaka kumplikado ng proseso?

  93. hi,
    I’m planning to get my SSS ID,i think wala pa akong contribution since 5 months palang ako sa work. Pwede ba akong mag voluntary contribution and still get my SSS ID? I do have my SSS number already.

    Another question, how long does it take to get the SS ID after application?
    Sa pasay-roxas branch ko plan mag-apply.

    Anyone? Please answer!

  94. grabe naman mag comment mga pinoy, ilang beses na nga nilinaw na hindi affiliated with sss yung moderator ng site na to 😦

    anyway, I was about to get my id (I had my sss number for 4 years na), when I checked sa sss website, (the new one), nakalagay is parang I can’t be issued an ID because my sss number is temporary, pwede ba mangyari yun talaga? and what are the steps para maayos yun? and parang kinabahanan ako bigla kasi parang gugulo since I’ve just recently submitted my sss number to some institutions for verification, and now lalabas temporary lang yun? 😦

  95. celestiellen Says:

    Mejo bulok nga sistema ng SSS, kainis walang silbi ang pgiging computerized nila.

    Kainis Points:
    1. Sa main branch na lang daw pde mg-apply ng ID – ang layo kaya nun!
    2. 8-10 am lang, usual process =(
    3. Hindi sure kung hanggang kelan maghihntay bgo makuha ID as of now daw ung mga August last year applicants pa lang ung pina-process nila. “Grabe kabagal”

    Sana naman aksyunan nila tong problema na toh.

  96. nakaka inis ang kasi ang sss alam kun bakit dawang bases na ako nag registered sa pa nila na send daw sa e mail hangngayon wala matagal na ako nag registered noong hindi pa naka upo nang baong president bakit hangang ngayon wala pa nila binigyan ang account or usename at password ………………….. sana po

  97. mabuti pa nyo una na website maladi lang yon e open at matalino ang programmer na gumawa sa website noong una ky sa ngayon e comparar ko bakit kasi ganyan niya lalo na na hirapan ang mga tawo lalo na punta sila sa internet hindi sila maka kuha kagad nag contribution nila bakit ba kasi pinahirapan ang mga tao …. mag hirap pa kami pumunta sa office kasi haba ang pila tapos pinahirapan pa niyo kami…

  98. ung sss web site iba n, wla n ung log in page n may surname, birthdate & sss number

  99. ung sss web site iba n, wla n ung log in page n may surname, birthdate & sss number, how can i get ID clearance?

  100. bakit wala pa rin ung contribution ko 3months nakong naghuhulog s SSS di tuloy ako makakuha ng ID hayyy…

  101. to blogger mitch,
    nice work! surprising how such a mundane task as getting an sss i.d. can be sooo complicated. we live in the philippines after all.

    i just have a few words to say: to all those people nagging mitch about how fucked up sss is, well guys READ first, ok. she’s made it clear that she’s not from sss so why don’t you vent your anger somewhere else….

    another thing, while i don’t have anything against those who are not very shall we say, adept at the english language, please guys stick to filipino if that is where you are more comfortable communicating in. no shame in speaking, or writing in your own language.

  102. SA RECTO KAYO MAGPAGAWA NG SSS ID ANG BILIS! Dun sa mga gumagawa ng diploma! hehehehe! ang ganda pa ng pagkakaprint! makintab yung tinta na ginamit! hehehehe!

  103. jaslenchris Says:

    Thanx for providing us brief information in filing for an SSS ID….
    This really helps!!!
    I am also from CEBU CITY….
    By the way, Do I have to get @ the SSS office early in the morning (let’s say 6 am)just to get a priority NUMBER???

  104. jaslenchris Says:

    I recently resigned from my job for almost 4 mos. now…. from then on,,, i no longer make remittances with SSS…. My question is???
    will i still be able to get an opportunity to file for an SSS ID… even i have no remittance for almost 4 mos.????? PLS. ADVICE>>>>
    I tried calling SSS tel # but it seems they’re so busy!!!!

  105. Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments. Let’s keep it coming and hope someone big notices this thread. 🙂

    @jaslenchris – I sent you a private email for your first comment. Hope nadawat nimo.

    For you second comment, I think you are still eligible to file for an ID. YOU SHOULD BE ELIGIBLE to file for an ID. You have been sending remittances naman before right? Keep calling them, it is your right. Yes, they are busy… busy gossiping.

    I so hate Government offices and its officials and staff. Ang aarte and to think they are paid for an 8-5 shift. Always late and all they do the whole day is chismis! (I’m not exaggerating, I once had OJT at a government office). Sh*t silang lahat.

  106. Hi There,

    Just want to ask if my brother can still avail the SSS ID coz it’s been a decade now when the last time he worked and from then he did not continue paying SSS? Any possibilities? Is he still qualified then?


  107. hardrew_rolly Says:


    gandang araw senyo lahat..
    bakit gnaon sa online registration ng sss…nagregister ako…de success ung registration..tapos send daw sa email ko ung username and password..tapos pagcheck ko sa email ko biglang transaction cannot be process wala nmn nakalagay kung bakit ndi naprocess ung ginawa kong account…ndi ko tuloy alam kung ano mali sa ginawa ko kc wala man lang nakalagay kung ano ung dapat kong baguhin sa registration ko…

    saka minsan nagpunta ko sa BRANCH d2 sa cabanatuan sbi nila wala pa daw capturing machine..ewan ko ngaun kung meron na ..ndi pa ko nagpapallow up…

    tnx sa help and comments and suggestion…

    wag nmn sana kau magmura sa site n to…they just trying to help..alam ko galit kau…pero wag nmn sana bad words sabihin myo…

  108. kakatuwa naman tong post na to. malaking tulong. salamat sa post mo. 😀 sensya na lang ikaw me mga masidhing mga reply, kala nila ikaw ang SSS. hehehehe… salamat! astig! balikan ko na lang ang sss site, baka magload na ng maayos. 😀

  109. Wow. You made it sound so easy to apply for the SSS ID card. Although the step by step process is correct, the actual is not even close.
    I had been an active contributing member of SSS since 2002. The online information is really helpful, but when you go to the branch, it is a complete opposite – some of the staff seem to be easily irritated when asked for information.
    Last 2004, I decided to apply for an ID card in Lapu-lapu Branch. I had actually completed the process and kept my claim slip for more than 6 months. I didn’t ask why it takes 6 months to get your ID; I assumed that they never ran out of members who process the ID card everyday of the week.
    After 7 months, I came back to claim the ID card. Lapu-lapu Branch Information booth is manned by security guards. When I showed my claim slip dated May 2004, he checked his notebook for names, then he instructed me to go back next month. He said, most of the time it takes more than 6 to 7 months for IDs to be available.
    I returned on March 2005 to check again if my ID card is available. The guard on the information booth told me I should file a complaint. I filled up the form and submitted to the information desk. Of course, I didn’t expect for any answers considering they don’t have any customer service to handle that.
    A few days ago, after checking the internet again and registered to a new user friendly SSS website, I decided to process my ID card. I was informed by my colleague that Lapu-lapu Branch does not accept processing for ID Cards as of the moment because their machine is not functioning. She told me she was instructed to go to the Cebu City Branch.
    Last Thursday, January 22, I went to the Cebu City Branch and arrived there at 9 am. After going thru a long line, the lady in the information desk just handed us a blank application form and instructed us to come back tomorrow. There had been no further explanation after she pointed to me the advisory on the table that there is no priority numbers for processing IDs.
    I arrived at 8:30am on Friday, January 23. I thought I was lucky because the line was shorter. When it was my turn, I handed the completed form with a smile, but his face went from pleasant to funny. He told me the ID processing is over and he summoned the next person in line. Surprised with the information, I asked what time do they start the processing. He explained that they only accept 160 members for processing and there is no priority number, you just have to fall in line. He said they start at 7am.
    Considering that I have to take a leave from work and wake up earliest in the morning just to travel from one City to another, the SSS staff’s simple explanation feels ridiculous to me. I had to walk out of there to calm me down before I yell to his face that I had to take a day off from my very busy work just to be rejected on 2 consecutive days because I didn’t know their schedules and rules.
    If anyone reading this, I hope you have a good explanation so I may understand.

  110. […] Horror Story Published January 23, 2009 SSS I received this comment from my  SSS ID Application Walkthrough post and I want to highlight this story because so far, this is the worst experience anyone can […]

  111. Hi guys.. pwde ba makahingi ng copy ng sss id clearance? kht link wer ko pwde madownload? thanks.. please? urgent lang. bagal kc ng website ng sss eh. thanks. wait ko reply ah.

  112. i need to print na kc ung clearance salamat. pls pls help

  113. Yung clearance is sa account mo lang makukuha. You have to login to your account and see if you are qualified to apply for the ID and completo ang papers mo na nasubmit to them when you applied for your SSS number.

  114. yes its true same as you…I’m so tired of coming back in any offices of sss branch,they always says that just visit our website and get there your static but then i got nothing there website is not working well,it’s not user friendly,unreliable,super bagal ang process nila.And the other day i tried to visit there branch in diliman QC but same as before i got nothing its too mush disappointment.also i went in cubao and bicutan branch they say same..naabala ang pag aply ko di pa aq makapawork dahil sa kanila..

  115. yes its true same as you…I’m so tired of coming back in any offices of sss branch,they always says that just visit our website and get there your static but then i got nothing there website is not working well,it’s not user friendly,unreliable,super bagal ang process nila.And the other day i tried to visit there branch in diliman QC but same as before i got nothing its too mush disappointment.also i went in cubao and bicutan branch they say same..naaabala ang pag aply ko di pa aq makapawork dahil sa kanila..

  116. pls… anyone there na nakakuha na ng static information sa sss can you tell how you get it…plss because it need it in monday submit na aq ng requirment but unfortunately di kinukuha ng companya ang papers ko until la aq static from sss…

  117. pota kainiz kung my ranggo ang mga tanga heneral ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!tarantado kayo minuminuto

  118. kung may ranggo ang tanga heneral kayo!!!!!!!!!

  119. hey thanks sa info.. pro wla prin ako natatanggap password for my account sa sss. grabe ganyan nman ang website nila. ska ilan days b4 ko mkukuha password ko?

  120. @rhence0522 – LOL

    @zoe – Hi Zoe, mga 3-4 days ko natanggap ang password ko sa new SSS system nila. I think manual ang pagaapprove nila ng online account application. And again, wait ka pa rin. Haaay.

  121. @ken – I think mag-create ka muna ng account mo sa new website nala para makuha mo ang static information. But then again, magwait ka pa ng ilang araw para makuha mo ang password.

  122. thanks mitch.. haay…

  123. hay salamat may password nko pro wla lumilitaw sa online inquiry? may chance ba na may lumitaw sa page nya pra naman mkpgprint ako ng id clearance? gano naman katagal?

    bat kya di sila maghire ng mag aayos ng website nila pra naman hindi palpak!

  124. bat wla lumilitaw sa Online Inquiry. Need ko na mkpgprint ng ID Clearance pra next week pwd nko pumunta sa SSS Office.. hay.. grabe naman website na ito.. prng wlng kwenta..

  125. Dun lang ba pwde ma-download ung ID Clearance? wla ba ibang link? or meron ba sa inyo ung may copy ng clearance?

  126. rockstwar Says:

    ei, mitch…thanks sa info. got a problem here, though..i already have the username and password but it will not work with the SSS web online inquiry. it will say: Your connection attempt was not successful, try again.
    Reason: Bad credentials. In your 2nd step instruction above: Log in using your SSS number, surname and birthdate. You will be directed to the Employee Static Information page, should I use th username and password given to me after registration or something else? Please help. im from Cebu too.

  127. may lumitaw na sa online inquiry
    pro bkt ayaw tanggapin username and password ko? ano ba dpt i enter na password hay

  128. can someone help me.. di dw ako pwde mag apply id bcoz ssnotransferred/temporary? anong ibig sbhn nun? bat hindi pwde?

  129. Hi Zoe,

    You have the same problem as my friend before. My friend also had a Temporary SSS number because there was a problem with his Birth Certificate when he got his SSS number. What he did is he brought his Birth Certificate and the E1 Form (pink ang color nito) to the SSS branch. I think SSS then fixed this. I believe you also need to visit an SSS branch to resolve this problem.

    Good luck.

    • hi mitch,

      daghang salamat ha kay parehas mi problema ni zoe..
      temporary rapud akong SSS. adto ko ugma sa SSS sa may escario.
      E1 form and Birth Cert ra noh? My SSS ID is still temporary til now coz My original Birth certificate didn’t have an LCR or Local Civil Registry number. but luckily i got one now from our local municipality civil registrar. thank go0dness! SSS ID here i come 🙂

  130. tang ina ulol ka

  131. @lol – EXCUSE ME??!

  132. thank you mitch.. thanks so much.. 🙂

  133. hi mitch ask ko ulet.. hmm.. if punta ako sa SSS pra magpapermanent ng SSS # pwd na rin ba ako mag apply ng SSS ID? plgy mo ilang oras b4 matapos process?

  134. Hi zoe,

    I think yes. Just tell them na balak mo ring mag-apply ng SSS ID and ask them na since nagpapapermanent ka na ng SSS#, cleared ka na ba for an ID. I think they should provide you the ID Clearance. After that ready ka nang magpa ID. Kaya lang they have been telling SSS members na sira ang ID capturing machine nila so hindi pa siguro mapaprocess ang ID mo. At least you will be cleared na and wait ka na lang for ID capture.

    Also, make sure to ask them if marereflect ba ang SSS payments mo even if temporary pa ang SSS # mo just to be sure. Pero I think intact pa rin naman lahat ng payments ng friend ko nun.

    Good luck, zoe. 🙂

  135. thanks mitch.. tama ka.. sira daw ung id machine ata nila.. 1 year na dw ganun.. thank you very much for the info.. 🙂

  136. hi mitch,

    ask ko lang.. i heard kse na meron daw bagong rule ngayon na sa sss main branch ( east ave.) na raw kukuha ng id… is it true? actually i have an id na kya lang mag che change ako kse im married na ( 2005 pa )..tnx

  137. Hi Mitch, Cebu din ako….. question ko lang is i worked in mandaue and im planning to get an SSS ID soon. distance wise, mas malapit ako sa sss gorordo…. pwede kaya dun na lng ako magpapa file for the id? doubtful because i was advised by a friend that sss (gorordo) will not entertain daw? it sounds weird… shed a light.

    thank you….. handtacx

  138. Hi kanto-boy,

    Yes you can file the ID at SSS Gorordo. Sorry, I don’t know if they will not entertain because I haven’t been there.

    Goodluck. 🙂

  139. ask ko lang po kung meron ng branch ng sss pwedeng makakuha ng sss id?san po?..salamat.. 🙂

  140. hi mitch!!! u really such a nice person bcoz,,,u’r freely gving ur time to informed people about SSS…..keep it up….have a nice day!!!

  141. Gabriel Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the info. Yahh, the line is really long and the process time sucks.

  142. Darryl Manimbo Says:

    Yeah thanks, tama yung mga ganitong walkthrough kasi yung mga website ng government unreliable, kung hindi down, may error. Hirap tuloy makakuha ng info.

  143. djrivers Says:

    @nash nanggaling ako nung last time sa SSS sa cubao quezon city para mag apply ng ID, sabi nila sa main na lang daw pede kumuha ng ID. sa east ave nga yon. kung ganun goodluck sa ating lahat sa dami ng kukuha ng ID. hindi pa naman ako napupunta dun pero kailangan ko na din mag apply…..

  144. wheew jope could get mine!!

  145. hi mitch!, same pa rin ba ung steps na nkalagay dito? ok lang ba kung nwala ko ung E1 form ko?

  146. fairyicy Says:

    Do you have to pay anything to get the ID?

    @Mar: nakow muntik ng maging problem ko yan. you have to go to the main office to request for the pink (e1 form). Hinanap ko talaga ng bonggang bongga yung e1 ko kasi i dont want to go to QC and after one month pa daw masesend if ever yung CTC nung e1 form mo.

  147. hi, inaaccept ba kahit yung photocopy lang nung E1 form? I lost my original copy kasi eh.. Thanks 🙂


  149. Well my application for online inquiry has been deny… and it’s all because my mother’s maiden name didn’t fit in the no. of characters they indicated in the site. The programmers of that site is a soft headed assh@L#! Damn!! To think that our taxes are paying these god damn idiots..

    Fix your site. i think you need to rethink your objectives. that site was made for filipino people, how come we can’t use it properly? are you dare to call it a WEBSITE!

  150. ask ko lang sana kung what age pwede mag apply sa SSS im 20 years alod and ano yung mga requirements?? pls help i want to apply… thanks. =’)

  151. ask ko lang sana kung what age pwede mag apply sa SSS, i’m 20 years old and ano yung mga requirements??? pls hep i want to apply … thanks. =’)

  152. pano po magcheck ng sss contribution san ako pupuntang website at alin dun ang dapat kong i open…?? pls. patulong naman poh…. thanx a lot!!! need ko lang i print out yung contribution ko kasi parang niloloko ako ng company ko eh wala atang hulog….. plsss… i need ur reply. thanx ulit! =)

  153. Hi suzeth.. 🙂 Please read my post “How to Login to SSS”. 🙂 You may click on the header image at the top of this page. 🙂

  154. @ apie – I think okay lang photocopy ng E1 (but I’m not sure ha?). Parang ang SSS number lang kasi ang kailangan.

    @ marilyn – the requirement is you should have SSS contributions, probably minimum of 3 – 6 months

    @ Beng – yup, their website sucks.

    @ mar – I think more or less same pa rin ang process ngayon sa nasulat ko. Again, I am not sure. Sa tantya ko kasi, important yung “Clearance” na makikita mo sa account mo. Yun kasi ang basehan nila if eligible ka na to apply for an ID. So instead of waiting for them to print the clearance, mas mabuti pang ikaw nalang ang magprint nito.

  155. Hi Missy, I already got the clearance and the E-6. What’s important was your SS No. and Employer’s Number. Can you suggest where I can find a better branch of SSS here in Cebu? Where “least” hassle? Kasi, everyday b4 my duty on 6:00am, dadaan ako sa SSS sa Gerordo, dami nang tao, I just wonder kun bakit ang haba ng pila. I just imagining my self what if ako ang nka pila as early as they could para lang maka avail ng priority number sa papapicture at no assurance kun maabotan mu pa ang last number nla.

    Hayyyy.. lahat nalng ng government agencies na pinupuntahan ko ang haba ng pila. ang the worst of it. lagi merong fixer. Xata aning governo jud oi.
    (poyde sunogon unya ihian dayon) heheheh. joke lang

  156. by the way.. hehehe. i work as a web support in a big company in IT park. may solution ako kun bakit hirap kang mka pasok sa websit ng SSS login.

    https: the “s” was designated according to its ip address, it was developed to have a higher security in their site. For you to easily through with it, i suggest that you should used the IE instead of mozilla browser, bcoz, mozilla has a firewall that control this kind of sites. Don’t access it on day time, you’ll be annoyed becz thr system can’t control havy internet traffic. I suggest that you should access on night.

    On the registering, the important was the SS no. and the Employer’s number.

  157. Hi Bhadz, thanks for your tips! 🙂 really helpful.

    I applied for my ID at Lapu-lapu branch. Unahan sa Marina Mall. Parang less ang tao dun. I even came in around 7:30 to 8. I’m not sure if there is also an SSS branch in Mandaue. I think every city has one. Dun sa aming baryo, meron din and mas kakaunti tao dun, hehe. You can apply for the ID anywhere, I think. 🙂

    There are always a lot of people getting in line, pero most of them are getting their SSS numbers. Hindi lahat yan kukuha ng ID. That is what I experienced before. Nung, ako, dinedma ko lang lahat ng nakapila and went directly to the security guard. I told him may clearance and form na ako, kulang nalang picture. Then he gave me the number. There was a separate set of priority numbers for picture taking.

    Hope that helps.

  158. Kristal Says:

    Hello mitch,

    Tanong ko lang sabi kasi ng pinsan ko pwede ako mag-apply for sss id na kasi naka-8 months ako sa dati kong work. Back to school na kasi ako ngayon. Tama ba? At dito ba sa manila, totoo bang sa main sss branch na lang pwede mag-apply ng sss id kasi yung pinsan ko daw sa may bacoor, cavite office siya ng sss nag-apply mga more than a year ago pa lang naman.

    At isa pa, I’m trying to register sa sss website pero hindi ko alam ilalagay sa employer id no.? Wala ba yun sa certificate of compensation payment/tax withheld?
    Yun lang thanks mitch.

  159. hi kristal,

    I really am not sure if pwede nang mag-apply ng ID after 8 months of working. You can check your SSS account to confirm if meron ka ngang contribution. Please read my post How to Login to SSS:

    For the Employer ID, you have to ask it from your HR. Usually ang mga businesses or companies, maglalagay yan ng SSS numbers nila in the reception or somewhere that is easily accessible. Meron kasi kaming ganito dito sa office namin. Parang plate number ng mga sasakyan.. 🙂 You can also ask one of your former officemates if meron sa previous office mo.

  160. Kristal Says:

    Hello mitch,

    Ok sige i-text ko na lang dati kong officemates. Sige thanks!

  161. Ahakz.. I already processed my SSS ID, xata, all your steps are Useless. The SSS main branch in Cebu not accepting online inquiry nor downable forms in internet.

    For you all! Don’t depend on something that you only read in here. If you are welling or eager to get an SSS ID, you should have a guts to fall in line as early as 3:00am. If that’s your application will be honor. hahahha.

    I was there last week. And honestly, mkabweset ang ilang systema!!!

    Stop asking this person, coz she doesn’t know everything.

    “A person who always ask what to do, is the person who was damn and lazy”..

    • @Bhadz
      nagbabasa ka ba talaga os sadyang Tanga ka lang?!
      Bat dito ka magrereklamo na walang alam ung poster eh yun talaga ung na experience nya. Iba iba talaga ung processing ng branches ng SSS. ganun yata talaga sa gobyerno.

      And malas mo nlang kung di pinalad na tanggapin ung mga tips na naka post dito. pero wag mong i assume na nagsisinungaling sila dahil mga personal experiences nila un.

      isa lang masasabi ko sau,. Buti nga!

      Salamat sa lahat ng tips at help mo sa mga readers.
      wag mo pakinggan ung mga tao na tulad ng gagung si bhadz.
      Malamang matabang lalaki yan na walang ginwa kundi mag baboy.



      • Hi Geekco.Please read it carefully before you talk rude, I read all the comments here, and for all you know, we are came from same place here in Cebu. I’m not saying to myself that “malas ako non” because maaga ako pumunta, around 3:30am. At lucky me coz I got the 4th priority number. And I said, it just took less than 1 hour to process it. And after 2 months, I received my SSS ID.

        It’s hurt a lot when you said that I’m stupid and lazy, don’t jump into conclusion when you don’t know the person yet.

        To Missy,
        Sorry au kong nalain ka, ang nka apan lang kay si Geekco nagreact nga wala nka hibaw. Sulti lang ko sa akong experience.

        One more thing.. I’m not the person you describe in your comments.
        Girl poh ako, thin and 5’3 hight.

  162. Just a bit of information that I wanna share with; this may be useful.

    For those of you who’ve always wanted to download the E6 SSS Application Data Form but always directed to a SSS website link, I stumbled upon a site that offers downloadable forms of all sorts:

    For first time users that need to register online, this is the link:

    Hope this helps.

  163. mitch, pano ba kumuha nang password?

  164. Hello Travis,

    SSS is supposed to email you the password. Kaya lang, I got my password about two days pa after I registered my account. You can read my experience here:

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  165. hinihintay k nlng is my sss id.. april 1, 2009 ako kumuha ng sss is, ok n lahat nagpapicture n ko at binigay claim stub, at nakalagay sa claim stub after 1 month daw makukuha.. bat kya up to know wla p. Panu b macheck status ng sss id?? i need it badly! bsta gobyerno talaga wlang kwenta!!!!

  166. @bhadz:
    masyado kang nagmamagaling, eh mali mali naman sinasabi mo! https secured site? oo. but “deisgnated to ip address”? wrong! SSL certificate at Certification Authority (CA) ang nagdedictate kung secure yung https website o hindi, not the ip. at sabi mo use IE instead of mozilla, because has firewall?? at wag e-access ang website at daytime? bakit naman? para ano pa ang naging ONLINE ang website kung di maaaccess at daytime ((here) or nighttime sa ibang bansa?

    and dont bash mitch. wala kang panama sa sinasabi nya.

    @to all:
    ako din, galing SSS kanina. nalaman ko TEMPORARY ang SSS number ko. nakakainis kasi nung time na nag apply ako (1998) wala naman hiningi sakin. may SSS ID din ako, yung luma yellow card na walang picture. hanggang ngayon nasa akin pa.

    wala akong makitang info/doc sa SSS website na related sa issuance ng TEMPORARY SSS Number. in fact sa likod ng old sss id ko, sabi “1. SIGN AND KEEP this card. The number on this card is your LIFETIME SS number”.

    naka capitalized pa yung “LIFETIME”… yet temporary lang pala ang SS number ko, sabi nung masungit na taga SSS.

    pahirapan talaga. kahit registration sa My.SSS ang hirap, 2 months na akng nagtatawag sa hotline nila. at nageemail. walang sagot kahit isa.


  167. hello as ko po, kasi mag 8 mos na akong na contribute a sss pero nag verfiy ako sa hotlinr nila wala pa raw ako contribution pano mo gawin ko? tnx

  168. may resibo ka naman di ba? visit mo branch nila at e-clear mo.


  169. wala pa rin yung password ko, mag-iisang buwan na

  170. asa pa tayo. ako ilang buwan na, wala pa password ko. naka ilang ulit nag apply. pero ala talaga. kahit hotline/phone nila inutil. umuuusok at uusok tenga at elong mo sa kakatawag. pati frontdesk/frontliners nila sa branch.. pag kausap mo mararamdaman mong manliliit ka, pagagalitan o sisimangutan ka lagi.

    bulok talaga Sistema Sa Sss (SSS). ano pa ba naman talaga ang aasahan natin sa bulok?!


  171. Hi. di ku po makita yung “SSS ID Clearanc”

    • @ rhein – after mo mag log-in, click mo yung online inquiry. under ng first arrow (color orange), makikita mo SSS ID card click mo yun.

  172. sa mga nahihirapan iopen website nila try niyo to.

  173. blah blah Says:

    question lang po..,
    ano po ung mga requirements for us to get the SSS e-6 form

  174. E-6, ito yung para sa laminated ID?

    kung oo, at first time mo. make sure meron kang Birth Certificate. kasi baka hanapin yun. baka mabigla ka rin na sasabihan ka na TEMPORARY yung SS number mo. ako kasi nabigla ako ng sabihan ako ng ganun, despite the fact na 1997 pa ako may SSS at meron na akong ID card (yung yellowish cartoon).

    kung wlaa kang Birth Certificate, kahit daw Bapstismal puwede according sa website nila. pero baka hindi rin tanggapin baptismal certiticate kasi mga BOBO minsan ang nasa SSS, kahit listed yung bapstismal as valid identification sa website nila.


  175. pwede ba malaman ung employer’s sss id number ng lean processess incorporated?



  177. am i required also to get sss employee static info. even i don’t have yet contribution? ’cause i’m just only in process of forwarding my requirements for pre-employment. Thanks

  178. Hi ESM,

    We have the same problem. I made an online inquiry and I found out that my SSS No. is “TRANSFERRED/TEMPORARY”.

    Could some please tell me what should I do to be eligible for SSS ID?

    Thanks a lot!

  179. Hi ESM,

    We have the same problem. I made an online inquiry and I found out that my SSS No. is “TRANSFERRED/TEMPORARY”.

    Could someone please tell me what should I do to be eligible for SSS ID?

    Thanks a lot!

  180. hmm di ko alam exactly kung ano gagawin. pero to get your ID (laminated) you should have SSS number that is not tagged as TEMPORARY.

    nalilito din ako, kasi matagal na din ako meron SSS ID (yung cardboard pa),pero nung nag apply ako for laminated ID dun ko lang nalaman na TEMPORARY SSS number ko.

    anyway, birth o baptismal certificate kelangan mo. nasa likod ng E-6 form yun. para sigurado, NSO-authenticated yung ipakita mo.

  181. btw,hindi na ako bumalik sa SSS office.kasi naka SIMANGOT SILA AT LAGING GALIT kung magsalita.

    am pangit ng asta nila.

  182. well I went to our local SSS branch yesterday and kaya daw Temporary ung SSS number ko kc wala pa daw ako birth certificate sa file nila. Buti nalang dala ko lahat ung requirements in case na kelanganin so I submit to her ung authenticated birth certificate ko then she advised me after 1 week daw ok na un.. I think kaya madali sila kausap ngaun kc may bonus na sila. kaya lang hassle pa din kc ung pagpapapicture daw ng ID is sa main office lang available.. =(

  183. medelyn n. pangilinan Says:

    can u send me on how to get an sss i.d and e-6 form


  184. dizon menzon Says:

    ask ko lang po kung kilan ko n makukuha ang ID ko, kasi nagsasawa na rin kasi ako sa PABALIK BALIK at parang wala rin naman nangyayari, just send me any letter what to do,,, if you can read what i want to,,,

  185. ano po ba ang ilalagay ko sbr or otc no?

  186. Guys, I just got my SSS ID after 8 months of waiting. Anyways, to those who are still waiting for their IDs to be delivered, maybe my experience can help you.

    I called the customer service (after several dials) and I found out that my ID was supposed to be delivered 3 months after my application. However no one was at home to accept the ID so it was returned to the main office. The CSR told me to call this number: (02) 920-6401 local 5502. This is in Diliman office. I was able to confirm that my ID was there, but it took me like 20 minutes before someone answered the phone. (Patience. Patience. Patience.) The one who answered told me to go there to picked it up.

    Now, you have two options to know the status of your SSS ID delivery.
    1) Call the number I said above to confirm it first. However, it may take a long time.
    2) Go to the main office. Go to the big building, not to where the applications are processed. Don’t bother to ask the guards because they’ll ask you to fall in line to the processing area. Go to the second floor and look for window 3. Tell the person-in-charge about your concern and he’ll gladly help you.

    TIPS for the people who are planning to get an ID. Address the delivery of your ID to your company. My office mates got their ID’s after 3 months.

    Hope this could help…

  187. joan feliciano diolola Says:

    hi…… I would like to ask about my sss i.d. I already filed it in the main office….. and I had gone to the process to have taken up the picture of me…. I applied it last May 6, 2009…. and since then I did not receive anything….. what do you think should I do now that I need my sss i.d. badly…. its been so long that i am waiting…..please do help… thanks.

  188. joan feliciano diolola Says:

    what process should I undertake….. with this kind of problem…… please help….

  189. […] government transactions, I researched for tips to speedup my ID application. Several bloggers, like kulaypinay, manilamommy and yugatech wrote about their experiences and listed down some tips for the ID […]

  190. manuelito villanueva Says:

    ask ko lng po kung pd po b me makakuha ng sss id khit di p po ako nakahulog pero nka apply n po ako?????kung sakali po pd gaano katagal nmn po ang process po nito??? thanx po..

    • At least six months na hulog mo kung gusto magka id, ska wag kana magaaply ng ID ng SSS UMID na ang ipapalit dyan!! bwisit!!! NATIONAL ID NALNG IPATUPAD NILA!!!

  191. Halo echt interessanten Weblog hast du. Ich selbst habe auch vor kurzem eine eigene Webseite hochgeladen, nähmlich eine Suchmaschine. gerade noch zu finden auf . Währe schön von dir wenn du mir sagst wie du sie findest bzw. was noch verbesserbar daran ist. Ein Redesign kommt erst im laufe der Woche noch hinzu. Schönes Wochenende – 345zhf4

  192. hei i would like 2 till what happen of mny sss id nag apply lkc aq dito sa amin xa sm bacoor ng sss id in oct 2009 aq nag apply ng sss id tapos mag 8months na aq nag antay kala q bah after 3months maibigay nyo yun eh need q talaga kc kukuha aq ng passport wala aq valid id eh bumalik aq xa sss id xa sm bacoor para eh verify q yung sss id q xabi nila yung march 30 2010 ok nadaw yun kc pina berify q kc cya…..vakit hangang ngayon wala parin yung id q i need ur reply pls help me?

  193. Royet Bangod Says:

    UNG SAKIN po bkt d pa diniliver?sbi 4 mos.e anu na tau ngaun?nong oct pa po un til now wla parin ID q huhuhuhuhu

  194. Call the SSS Head Office for your ID…

  195. Jay Ryan Says:

    To Mitch – thank you very much for the very informative inputs.

    Now I have a question, I hope somebody could help me here. I am applying for a salary loan, this will be my first try to apply for a loan since after working for 6 years, I keep all my SSS papers intact the colered pink paper that was issued to when I was still 18 years old etc, I even have the ATM type ID with my picture and signature. The thing is, when I applied for the loan, I was told that it was denied since my SSN is a temporary number, which I think is insane, why would they issue a temporary number in the first place. Reading thru the posts here, mas na a amaze ako bakit na issuehan ako ng number and ID kung temporary yung number ko? Also for the birth certificate part, I submitted a photocopy of my birth certificate when I applied for the SSN, I remember dala ko during that time yung original birth certificate ko and the people in SSS Tagaytay said they will be needing a photocopy which I gave them. I mean buti na lang I found out now, di ko naman talaga kailangan yung money I just thought I want to give my mom an nice anniversary ring since it will be my parents’ anniversary come August. Well I hope somebody could shed some light on this. Thanks and have a nice day.

    Also somebody told me that by August 2010, SSS will start issuing a UMID compliant card kaya daw delay yung issuance ng mga ATM type ID, and that once okay na daw yung UMID card, SSS will be phasing out yung ATM type ID which means, kelangan ulit mag apply for a new one nung mag current holder ng ATM type ID.

    • @jay,

      kung bibisitahin mo ang website ng sss, walang naka indicate dun about issuance ng temporary id number.

      kumpleto din ako sa requirements nung mag apply ako SSS sa first job ko noon, pero di lang ako nagpa ID (laminated)… at lately ko din lang nalaman na meron palang TEMPORARY id numbers nung mag apply na sana ako laminated id.

      nawalan na ako ng gana. di na ako kumuha ng id.

      itong bago ID na universal? hehe expect na magkakagulo uli. magiging isa na naman yan sa ‘tools’ nila para makapag *&^%%$. expect delays, delays.. at delays. wala ng bago sa tin.


  196. Hi All,

    I’m very sorry I’ve been out of the loop. Di rin ako makakasagot sa mga problema ng lahat kasi sinusulat ko lang din karanasan ko sa pag-apply ng aking ID. Mga two years ago na kasi yun at baka iba na ang process ngayon. Nagpapasalamat din ako sa lahat sa pag-iwan ng kanilang comments, karanasan at lalo na dun sa mga kusangloob sumagot ng problema ng iba. Salamat po. I just hope somebody from the SSS or from the government can read our frustrations para makapag-isip-isip din naman sila na may problema talaga sa kanilang pamamalakad ng SSS.


  197. gud pm po to all
    ask q lng po sna kung anung paanu po ulit makakuha ng s.s.s id kc po nawala and s s s id ng tatay q at anung reguarments po

  198. kc nabasa q po lahat ng comments sna po marespond nyo ako kc gus2 ko po sana bagu ako pumunta ng s.s.s alm ko na po ang gagawin ko kc matagal na po un nawala ngaun lng po me mag pa verify pls help me po
    kung anung gagawin ko
    try q na po ang website na s.s.s peru ndi ko po tlga ma gets
    pls help me po
    god blees you

  199. paanu q po malalaman kung nasagot na po nyo ang tanung q anu po ang una kung cliick gus2 ko po kc malaman kc po try q e2 kung ma22gunan po nyo ang gus2 ko po malaman slmat po

  200. thanks. big help.

  201. hello po may 28 po kami nag pa photo for ss id. mga kela pa kaya nila deliver?

  202. ang hirap ng website nila. daming cheche boreche ayaw tanggapin mga email minsan

  203. Hi , im one of the kuripot citizen here in the philippines, hehe jus kidding but moving forward, Is the SSS id FREE OF CHARGE? please i need your response asap..

  204. it’s been a few years pero I cant remember paying for it. 🙂

  205. Justine Neil Says:

    Thanks! Still very helpful!

  206. Uu nga, yan SSS na yan, imbes na tulong pahirap pa lalo, hay naku… SSS ID lang kukuha ka pahirap pa kahit may number kna…
    Sana naman ayusin nyo SSS web developer… kung sa akin nyo ipaayos yan, eh d sna tapos na yan…
    Bhelzki na lang kyo sa maraming software, free games, free music. Para naman marelax kyo…


  207. hello! yung SSS ID, if it’s your first time to apply for the ID, it’s free of charge pero yun nga… sa ngayon, naka HOLD ang issuance ng ID coz they’re trying to coordinate with whoever para UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID) na din ang i-issue nila sa mga members tulad nung sa GSIS. My dad is trying to file a retirement claim and he never applied for an SSS ID before at yun ang sinabi sa kanya, naka HOLD ang issuance coz of the UMID thingy.

  208. Kukimonster Says:

    – i was trying to login to the SSS member website and it wont allow me even though i typed in my Login ID and password correctly, it says they were invalid. i also tried calling the hotline number for a possible password reset or any info.. after several minutes, a lady finally answered the phone.. i told her about my situation and she said she will transfer me to the right dept. and guess what? she put me on hold for like 30-45mins and then hang up the phone… jeez.. all i want is just a stupid SSS ID..

    – i still LOVE Philippines though : )

    • Mag-email na po kayo sa SSS at ilagay n’yo po sa Subject ito: Web Assistance to Mr. Seigfred Segotier. Tapos sabihin n’yo po na invalid ‘yung Username at Password. Ilagay mo na rin ‘yung Full Name, Birthday at SSS# n’yo. Nag-invalid din kasi ako dati.

  209. gud day ako naman nakapag pa id na the prob is until now almost one year na di pa dumarating ung sss i.d ko. how can i will know if nandyan na ba i.d ko or dumating na???


  210. Hmmm this year, 2011 na pano na ang new process ng sss id? I already have the E1 form and a number of course. and where is the main office of the sss please response if there’s anyone who knows. Thanks and Godbless. 🙂 you can just txt the information here in my number 09186943222 thanks.

  211. analyn grace Says:

    Hello poh.. can I ask? Im now 8 months preggy, I have MAT1 notification duly stampled rcv by sss. Qualified naman po ako to avail maternity benefit PERO wala pa kasi akong sss ID or even sss E6 stub. Ano po dapat ko gawin? I only have one ID which is postal ID, NBI clearance and birthcertificate,, wala pa kasi kami company ID.

    Ask ko sana makukuha ba agad yung SSS E6 stub kung mag aaply ako ngayon?

  212. pati sa kin hindi pa dumating, last October 15, 2010 pa lang yun, antagal!

    you can go here:

  213. early this morning, i try to apply for the sss id card here in sss marikina.. then nagask ako sa guard sabe ko magaapply sana ako for sss id card. tapos binigyan ako ng karton na me number un na pala queing system nila.. ang lupet… tapos after ng ilang minuto na pagiintay, nagpunta ako sa isang guard, sabe ko meron po ba dito kuhanan ng sss id card.. wala daw.. screening lang.. anak ng wtf.. iba iba alam ng guard dito ah.. putek.. kung di lang need ng id’s for employment e di na ko nagpapagod kumuha ng card dito sa mga bwisit na govt agency whatever na to… bulok.. pati sa comelec, kukunin ko sana voter’s id ko. ipapadala pa pala un.. anak ng tokwa.. certificate na papel lang bibigay sau.. e sabe sa website nila printed na ang voter’s id.. sssssssssssssssshhhhhh***.

  214. early this morning, i try to apply for the sss id card here in sss marikina.. then nagask ako sa guard sabe ko magaapply sana ako for sss id card. tapos binigyan ako ng karton na me number un na pala queing system nila.. ang lupet… tapos after ng ilang minuto na pagiintay, nagpunta ako sa isang guard, sabe ko meron po ba dito kuhanan ng sss id card.. wala daw.. screening lang.. anak ng wtf.. iba iba alam ng guard dito ah.. putek.. kung di lang need ng id’s for employment e di na ko nagpapagod kumuha ng card dito sa mga bwisit na govt agency whatever na to… bulok.. pati sa comelec, kukunin ko sana voter’s id ko. ipapadala pa pala un.. anak ng tokwa.. certificate na papel lang bibigay sau.. e sabe sa website nila printed na ang voter’s id.. sssssssssssssssshhhhhh***. aa

  215. Hi mitch! I haven’t tried applying for an ID but Im already a member.. I am planning to apply for an ID.. hope I don;t encounter any probs.. AND MITCH.. I don’t think you are a boring person.. you make me giggle.. haha.. read your profile here and your replies too.. funny^^

  216. to the onwer of this site, kindly edit the hyperlink of the SSS website. It should be


  217. bkit ganun sa sss mabilis kumuha ng hulog pero pag kukuha k ng pera phirapan

  218. wow!!..thanks sa info..actually lalakarin ka na yung saken by next week. I have complete documents as stated ipepresent ko na lang sa guard then ipoproceed na ba nya ko dun sa line ng magpapa-ID na? oh well!! very helpful..thanks sa info..^_^

  219. hopefully malakad ko na..

  220. and by the way…cool lang tayong lahat!!:)) walang mangyayari kung laging dadaanin natin sa init ng ulo di ba? hahaha!! ako nga wala pang ID basta think positive!!^_^..sige pag naupdate ko na yung saken sa process ko sa main branch i-sheshare ko sanyo baka may mga bagong policy or whatever..okeys???hahaha relax..:b

  221. ok..update..nilakad ko ang SS ID for application in just 3 1/2 hour lang..^_^..napakasimple at walang kahirap hirap..basta sundin lang po natin yung mga instructions and requirements na hinihingi nila..most important here is dapat MAAGA kayong dumating dahil pila lang naman ang nakakapagpatagal ng transaction..Anyway, I’m just waiting for delivery na lang but at least I have my appointment slip…^_^ kaya anytime may SS ID nako.

  222. what a fuck govt we have? i applied for sss id last june 6 2011 u have to fall in line a long long line to wait for your name to be called for submitting requirement before they take u picture,and finally after picture taking i ask them when will be the id will release? the staff of sss said they dnt know when coz the machine is not operating yet but very soon! how bulshiting to hear that???we applied for and important id so we can use it for general purposes but it seems it takes forver to wait when the sss office have to start making those id’s?

    • joyce sa amin nga may 28 pa 2010 wala parin hanggang ngayon. kay nanay 2009 pa yun wala parin! hay naku. halatang ginagamit nila ang pera ng bayan.

  223. hopefully i follow up my id last july 1 to know if what’s the real score of getting id card release so i go to verification department and as usual you have to fall in a long line till your number will be called,when my number was called i’m so discouraged when the fat ass lady employer told me that from oct 16 2009 to present no id generation,wala pa daw nagagawang id mula oct 16 2009 to july 2011 ,total bullshit isn’t it? what kind of service we have to expect from thier office why it takes forever to make and important id? who is responsible for this shit???so i ask the lady staff when they will start to operate the rotten machine to make those id’s? she arrogantly replied “we dont know yet coz the machine is under repair coz it was shutdown!” many pilipinos are like idiots hopelessly waiting for id release ,many pilipinos are suffering embarrassment coz of the stupid govt that can’t make better service to fellowmen…i guess all sss id applicant will need to form rally to boycott the bullshit sss office for them to wake up and make action to do thier job to serve the public who urgently need sss id! i can’t get a passport bec of this bullshit sss id that delaying my application..hope sss office will do thier job i’m really pissed off and my nerves are getting bad for this sss! what kind of govt we have? many pilipinos are waiting for sss id…2 yrs ago until now those id applicants are waiting for id …how many years do we have to wait for sss id?

    • ok..anyway,..kung ganun din lang, e di itago mo na lang yung appointment slip mo, and besides may SS number ka naman di ba?..kahit sangkaterbang reklamo ang gagawin natin at wala pa din silang action, sila na ang may problema non..kung may official ng government na humihingi ng sss ID..sabihin na lang na hindi pa narerelease, pakita mo na lang appointment slip mo na nagpa ID ka na..kahit nakakainis sila, wala eh..nakakapanget lang ng mukha yan kung hindi naman masosolbahan.

  224. sss mean “super shit service”??????

  225. sss means “super shit service”??????

  226. Strretch Says:

    me and my girls future plans have come to a standstill until she can get an sss ID . Reading this site does not shed any light on why such an important basic service is so difficult. it is really frustrating and sad……….seems no-one has any quick fixes here…….Oh well, maybe my fiance will get the ID in time to come here to bury me when I die of old age!

  227. naka apply na kami naka pa picture na kami last may 28, 2010 hanggang ngayon wala parin id namin. yung nanay ko 2009 pa nag pa picture dun hanggang ngayon wala parin id nya! ano ba yang sss na yan. tanggap sila ng tanggap ng hulog tapos wala parin ang id!

  228. christine Says:


    i’ve had contributions already for 34 months but it shows that my sss number is temporary and i’m not eligible for sss id…what should i do for me to get my sss id?..hope to receive feedback..thanks guys…

  229. fix it pro pen…

    SSS ID Application Walkthrough « .: kulay pinay :….

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  231. Ang tagal mag process ng SSS ng pa transferred ako ng SSS Contribution and cancelled SSS no april ng start ang process september na wala pag aksyon mag papasko na po!!!!!!!!

  232. Mabilisnapagunlad Says:

    sana tayo na rin magprint ng id para tayo na rin maglaminate para mas mabilis. eh number lang naman kelangan. meron ba silang ilalagay na super micro chip at aabutin ng delubyo ang tagal? titignan ba ng employer yan sa barcode tapos tutunog nang “teet!” point ko lang number lang ang kelangan. katulad ng sa philhealth isang pilahan lang may id ka na.
    tsaka puro pa may saltik ang nandyan sa sss. mga suplado at di marunong mag assist. magdagdag kaya kayo ng tao para mabilis. tsaka sana ayusin nila website nila na mahirap intindihin. lagyan nila ng forum at step by step instruction para mabawasan yung nsakit ng ulo nila pag may nagtatanong. kase ang hirap hulaan ng procedure. lagyan din nila ng tagalog version para madaling intindihin masa. suggestion lang. tutal sila rin naman makikinabang sa binabayad natin.


      GOOD NEWS!! ^^

      here’s what!—

      -April 2011-

      • First time ko pong nag applyy ng SSS ID which is yung UMID na ung bagong release nilang format ng ID kung saan nandun na lahat (PAG-IBIG, PHIC and GSIS) . isang araw ko nilakad yung til ID capture and then i asked the staff kung gano katagal ipprocess yung ID..estimated 6 months..sabi ko ok..(kasi alam ko mga 1 year pa).

      -Decemeber 08, 2011-
      • Nadeliver yung UMID (Universal Multi-Purpose ID) ko ng SSS sa bahay. So walang hassle mas lalo na ngayon dahil may bagong machine na dumating for all the new SSS applicants.

      ^^ APPLY NA!! Main Office kayo mag apply para mas madali. sa Cubao lang yun malapit sa GMA Network. hindi lalapit ang ID sa inyo mga dude kung nasa bahay lang po kayo.:) hahaha smile!!

  233. guys dumating na ID ng nanay ko… 2009 cya nag pa picture last week dumating… at sa officemate ko dito narin 2010 kami nag pa picture may 28. sabay kami… ahahah pero yung sa akin wala parin! ahah

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    GOOD NEWS!! ^^

    here’s what!—

    -April 2011-

    • First time ko pong nag applyy ng SSS ID which is yung UMID na ung bagong release nilang format ng ID kung saan nandun na lahat (PAG-IBIG, PHIC and GSIS) . isang araw ko nilakad yung til ID capture and then i asked the staff kung gano katagal ipprocess yung ID..estimated 6 months..sabi ko ok..(kasi alam ko mga 1 year pa).

    -Decemeber 08, 2011-
    • Nadeliver yung UMID (Universal Multi-Purpose ID) ko ng SSS sa bahay. So walang hassle mas lalo na ngayon dahil may bagong machine na dumating for all the new SSS applicants.

    ^^ APPLY NA!! Main Office kayo mag apply para mas madali. sa Cubao lang yun malapit sa GMA Network. hindi lalapit ang ID sa inyo mga dude kung nasa bahay lang po kayo.:) hahaha smile!!

  241. Ano ang gagawin kapag ss no. transferred/temporary? ty!

  242. maria elena trapani secretario Says:

    kelan ko po pwedeng mkuha ang sss iD ko sir/madam.last pa po un ng was my second iD bnayaran ko nman po un but then until now dko pa rin nrerecieve.nkalipat npo ako ng dgong tirahan.pls let me know kng kelen po akng pwedeng mgdrop by sa office nyo para ako ng magclaim ng iD ko.thanks po

  243. iam_annecy Says:

    same thing happened to me just this morning in SSS Tagaytay. i have my SSS number since Feb 2003 pa, and i’ve been working na for almost 10 years na. pero when i applied to get an SSS ID, sabi ba naman TEMPORARY lang daw ID ko! ang tagal ko na nagwowork, tapos temporary sss number ko? paano naman nagkaganon? diba iisa lang ang form para makapag register as an SSS member, diba E1 form yun? so bakit ako naging temporary kung yun din ang form ko?

    my tito also have the same problem. and the funny thing is, temporary sss number nya pero nakakapag loan sya.

    bakit ganon?

  244. ang bobobo ng ibang nag-cocomplain dito. sinabi nang yung blogger eh ordinaryong citizen lang at hindi empleyado ng SSS. Wag kayo sa kanya magcomplain at magbigay ng query. Binigyan nya lang tayo ng tips at advice on how to do it. I really appreciate it, Mitch. Thanks a lot 🙂

  245. Sa TEMPORARY SS Number fill-up nyo yung E-6 form na pwede -idownload sa SSS website, magpa-photocopy na kayo ng 2 valid id. kung dto kayo kkuha sa may EDSA/Caloocan sa may EDSA corner MALVAR street (Overpass) na SSS madali lang hndi masyado maraming tao. Dlahin n ninyo yung E-6 form nyo at xerox copy ng 2 valid ids at syempre ung mga valid ids nyo for authentication. Punta kayo agad sa counter E pra mavalidate kpag lumabas s records nla na Temporary kayo hhanapan k ng xerox ng 2 valid ids tapos ppapirma kyo s taas kay maam Sally tapos baba ulit kayo papirmahan dun s head ng SSS, tapos balik kyo kay maam Sally ulit, tapos nun wait kayo ng mga 15-30 minutes pra mavalidate yung number nyo, after 15 min pila n kyo s counter E then s may data capturing / biometrics for your new digital sss id. tapos maghintay kayo ng matagal s pagdating ng id nyo. Konting pasensya lang ganun talaga s PInas id palang nagkakagulo na. konting tiis lang mag kakosa

  246. eskort servis…

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  247. i badly need my SSS ID too. I’m from Cebu. This ID is very important especially when you apply for something related to legal matters. Kaya walang asenso ang Pinas kasi hina hayaan natin na ganito nlang ang patakaran. Mga kawani naman ayosin niyo mga trabaho niyo. bat di natin gayanin ang mga patakaran sa ibang bansa. walang maisip! ganun nalang. Ayosin nga natin buhay natin mga pinoy. Ang sagwa!

    Vice Ganda

  248. ako lang ba ang 1 year na, di pa dumarating ang SSS ID?

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  250. hello…help nmn..nagpapagawa sakin asawa ko ng static info.. nya..kaso diko na alam ung user id at password na nagawa ko before..nakakuha na kasi ako nun dati..panu kaya?tnx

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  254. I dialed your contact numbers 2213536; 2217751 Loc 107 but no one could assist my concern about contributions because Ms. Agnes is not on duty today. Anyway, my concern is my previous employer was an agency named AMB Staffing Services, Inc. located its main office in Mandaue City and branch office in Davao City. AMB Staffing Services, Inc. hired me last February 8, 2013 and ended March 31, 2013 because of the benefits not properly contributed. Then we transferred another agency named Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. last April 1, 2013 until present.

    When I checked via online my SSS Contributions, I’ve found out that there were no contributions on February 2013 and March 2013 but it should be indicated there because I have completely passed the requirements upon my employment.
    Can you please help me to solve this? Because the AMB agency keep on reasoning that I was belong to my co employees who still have invalid numbers in their SSS.
    Do I have to wait for my co-employees to correct their invalid numbers?
    May I know what you can do to them or May you help me to suggest what to do so that the AMB agency will accomplish my needs as soon as possible?

    The manager of Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. told me personally that our previous agency/ employer did not turn over the benefits of the employees to them.

    My SSS ID # is 09-3341565-2.
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  256. ana santos Says:

    Maaari ba maagapply ng dlwang beses sa sss yung friend ko kc may sss n sya kya lang gamit nya dun apelyido ng asawa nya ngaun nagpamember sya ulit gamit apelyido n nya sa pagkadalaga pano kaya yun kung magloan sya ano ang valid dun…

  257. Guday maam..ask ko lng po sa sss kung active pb xa e1form lng po ngawa ko dp nkkpgpapic.kse 2009 p po un,,gusto ko lng po mlman kng active pb xa..thanks

  258. Gooday mam..ask ko lng po about s sss ko kung active pb xa ngaun..2009 p po un di ko nahulugan..e1form lng po wala p po pic..gusto ko lng po confirm..ty

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