Big Bags and Your Health

The danger of carrying big bags. Read:

Oversized Bags Can Be Bad for Your Health

big bags and celebs

You may be breaking your back, or causing undo headaches and neck pains for yourself because of the purse you’re carrying.

Even a few years ago, small bags were trendy, but these days designers just can’t seem to make them big enough.

We’ve all seen celebrities toting bags big enough to carry Paris Hilton’s dog and anything else you might need.

But we found out this is one case where sacrificing your health in the name of fashion just isn’t worth it.

We asked Syracuse chiropractor Dr. Paul Kershner about the dangers heavy bags.

“Right in [the] area where the strap of the handbag would come across there are fine main nerves that come out of the back of the neck and go down into the arm and again built up over time they can begin to pressure and can start to affect the arm.”

oversized bag lifted from www.madaboutbags.orgDr. Kerschner says that might mean not just temporary pain but permanent nerve damage.

He says he treats a lot of women for back and neck problems because of bags, too many. His advice: try to keep your purse to under three pounds.

Doctors also recommend alternating which shoulder you use for bags, or get a backpack. They may not be as trendy, but they will leave you with better posture.




3 Responses to “Big Bags and Your Health”

  1. This is interesting, just like school boys who carry a big school bag….

  2. hi another pinay! hope we can hava a link exchange soon 🙂

  3. I just found your blog on google. I really liked it and now I will share it with my friends.

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