Food Aphrodisiacs

This is censored. Promise. LOL.

  1. cheese
    Cheese – contains phenylethylamine – the chemical that gives you that high after eating sweets – than chocolate does. (Hmmm.. including Cheezee? Little boys and girls eat that stuff. My God.. There goes my mind again..hahaha)
  2. berries

  3. Frozen berries – from what I’ve read, frozen berries can be used as an alternative to ice cubes and is said to be best for oral toooot. One tip I read was for ladies to pop his tooooot in the mouth while eating berries because it will over-ride his taste and it’s as if you are popping berry-flavored toooot. (Umm.. okayyyy.)
  4. olives
    Black Olives / Olives – I failed to get why olives are aphrodisiacs. Maybe because the shape represents his balls? and that olive and olive oil has a positive effect on the cholesterol level in our blood. Ahh, maybe olives would decrease the risk of having a heart attack while doing the deed. (Pwede na rin).
  5. Bananas – Ay, this is classic. Aside from the shape that closely resembles the toooot, bananas have potassium and Vitamin B. These vitamins help with sex-hormone production. And this tip is the best (:lol:). It said: ladies, seduce your man by showing what you would do to his tooooot with a banana. (Hahahaha. As for me, I normally bite and chomp off every bit of the banana.)
  6. Asparagus – asparagus is an energy giving food. (You go, tiger).
  7. Ginger – Forget Viagra. Ginger increases blood flow to the cock. (If paired with asparagus, your man is the BOMB!)
  8. Cucumber – <begin quote> “Take off the wrapping, wash it, then use it to give her a thrill. Stick a condom.” <end of quote> (No comment, speechless)
  9. Chilli Peppers – According to some research, spicy foods trigger the release of feel-good endorphins which put you in the mood and boost circulation of blood in your man’s tooooot. (Go feed your man some extra hot pure chillis.)
  10. Whipped Cream – ( I will leave this to the readers’ imagination)
  11. Avocado – avocado contains feel-good, pleasure-intensifying substance phenylethylamine. (Perfect combination: Cheese and avocado, :lol:)
  12. banana split

Important Note:
Ever noticed that when you’re full, you get sleepy? Well, if you and your partner are planning a steamy night and start it off with dinner, eat just enough to avoid feeling catatonic. (Makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Maxim Mag, April 2007
ETC channel
Articles I ACCIDENTALLY read



4 Responses to “Food Aphrodisiacs”

  1. well, not really a must but could be a big help every now and then…
    try the classical combination of bawang and sibuyas…for eating…well not a fast effect though…

  2. Really?? Aphrodisiac pala ang bawang at sibuyas? Hmmm.. Too bad it wasn’t listed in Maxim. But maybe because it might cause bad breath? Hehe.. Oh well, it’s good to know that.. =)

  3. […] so these visitors won’t get disappointed. Right now, those surfers are redirected to my Food Aphrodisiac post. LOL. Not quite what they’re looking […]

  4. tag-ana kinsa ko Says:

    mao diay na buntis dayon. kung wala pa ni sulti imong friend, wla jud ko kabalo. wahehehe

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