Philippine Elections

This is my feedback and reaction to Ms. Marlou’s post titled What is a Philippine Election?


I’m 23 and I will be voting for the first time this May 14. I have always been passive about the elections and have always seen it from an outsider’s point of view. This time, I will try to be a concerned Filipino citizen and participate in choosing the people to hold the reins. For the past month, I have been following and watching the news to see which candidates are worth my vote. And to be honest, I still do not know who is deserving. They are all the same, I see them as a power-hungry, corrupt officials who have been milking on the people’s tax. What I hate most are those who bragged about the facilities they have built while they were in position (i.e. a bridge with a huge sign “Contributed by Congressman ____”. The money used for building each and every “project” (for lack of words to use), are taken from the taxpayers’ contributions and how dare them take credit for that.

I have just graduated last 2005 and am in the labor force for 2 years. I have felt the bite of tax contribution. Maybe those who have been working for a longer time now has taken for granted and/or just choose to forget about these deductions. But I do not. I get angry while looking at the “Tax Deduction” in my payslip. It is the amount that I contribute to the politicians’ pockets every month.

This election, I will write the names of those I think are the lesser devils. I won’t vote for actors running for senators. What do they know about the law and lawmaking? I hope I will make a good choice.

One thing that has been in my mind was the words of a woman who lived in one of the squatter areas in Manila. She was interviewed about her views about the candidates and about the elections. She said “kung pagsama-samahin at tuparin ang lahat ng plataporma ng mga kandidato, tapos ang problema ng Pilipinas” (something to that effect). How true!

One show in ABS-CBN was also featuring about what children see about the candidates and politicians, all of them answered that all Philippine politicians are corrupt. How sad is that?

I continuously pray for the betterment of the Philippines. I hope those elected and who will be in power will be conscientious and I hope that they would forget their personal agenda and see what our country desperately needs. What makes me sad is that I know that I shouldn’t hope for such miracles.



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