How to archive your mails in MS Outlook

  1. In your main Outlook window, click on File > New > Outlook Data File > Office Outlook Personal Folders File (pst)
  2. Enter a filename and browse to a folder where you would like to place the data file. (Tip: Place your outlook archive in a folder named “outlook” or “email” on your data drive (usually labeled drive E: or F:))
  3. CLick OK. In a newly opened window type the Name (how your offline folder will look in Microsoft Outlook folders’ tree), choose Encryption Settings if needed and password.
  4. Drag’n’drop your items/folders from Exchange Server Mailbox into newly-created Personal Folder.

Special thanks to Ryan Lucero, our system adminstrator at PODD, for these steps. (I didn’t ask his permission to use his memorandum email titled “Urgent Announcement”. LOL)


One Response to “How to archive your mails in MS Outlook”

  1. I am unable to listen to live meeting recordings using a microphon…..? 😦

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