My SSS ID is the most precious thing I own

Reading the comments and horror stories on my first SSS ID guide, I realize that my SSS ID is possibly the most precious thing I own right now. Probably more valuable than millions. (Well not really true coz if I have millions, I’ll bribe the SSS personnel to give me the ID).

And so because I don’t I have millions, I’m keeping a tight hold on my ID. I usually put it in my wallet but now, I’m leaving it at home under lock and key. Mahirap ng manakawan! Hehe.

Now that I think about it, they said the reason they can’t produce ID’s is because the machine is broken. Didn’t they think of contracting some company to make the IDs for them????? Plastic lang naman to ah, hindi Gold! Gosh, di ba talaga sila nag-iisip? Should we do the thinking for them ALL THE TIME?!


2 Responses to “My SSS ID is the most precious thing I own”

  1. hey, just going around and looking to gain friends 🙂

    what does the sss do to help ba? i got one friend who told me that i should consider having this, kahit na wala ako sa pinas. hmmm.

    anyhoo, drop by my blog ha


  2. Evangeline G. Onasa Says:

    i wanted to check my sss contributions which i paid last August 16, 2008.

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