How to Register and Create an Account at the SSS website

Okay. I had all the info needed to register my account at the new SSS website and I’ve got to say, grabe, bow ako sa pagka bobo ng systema nila.

Here are the steps at registering a new account. (I have screenshots pero tinatamad akong magupload sa photobucket. Sorry guys.)

1. Go to the SSS website.

2. Click on the My.SSS tab and click on Register sub menu. OR simply click here to go to the page I’m talking about. 🙂

3. Select Member. It is the default choice anyways so leave it as is.

4. Click Submit.

5. You will be redirected to the Registration page. Sa mga tamad, disregard the first 4 steps and go directly to the Registration page. 🙂

6. Fill in the fields. You will need your SSS ID, an email address and your employer’s SSS ID.

TIP: Businesses and companies usually post their SSS number in the lobby where the public can easily see it.  Look for a plate similar to the license plates found on cars and jeepneys. OR you can just ask your HR officers and receptions for the company’s SSS number.

7. After you have completed the form and clicked Submit, a page will prompt you that your password will be sent to your email address.


So I said, okay, perhaps they really did send the comfirmation email and that kinuha lang mumu from my inbox. So I clicked on the “Forgot Password?” link na available naman sa login page. And behold, this is what I got:

(I deliberately erased my email address. Mahirap na, baka matrace nla account ko at nakawin nila lahat ng contributions ko just to spite me. 🙂 )

And then I said, okay, siguro I typed the wrong email address and I thought I will just fill up the form in the Registration page again. And this what I got:

Yep, EMAIL ADDRESS ALREADY EXISTS. Pano ba yan, does not exist raw sabi nya sa Forgot password page tapos already exist dito????!!!!!! WAATT-DA-EEFFFF??!!!.

I give up. Hindi ako naka login sa account kasi walang password. And I won’t bet at receiving it anytime soon. At gaya ng ID, baka sira na naman ang machine nila na taga-gawa ng PASSWORD!!! I just hope secure ang website nila because we are giving important info in there. Bwesit talaga.

Ipa-Imbestigador kaya natin to? And FYI, I wrote to ABS-CBN about this, LOL. Hindi ako nakatanggap ng reply. 🙂

Any of you guys had this problem? Let us know naman what to expect inside the precious SSS account. Parang wala atang successful na nka-register ah. Except for the developers siguro. Well, if the developers are Filipinos, mahiya naman kayo! We prided ourselves as India’s competitors when it comes to IT solutions. THE SITE IS DREADFUL. FIX IT!

UPDATE: I received my password about 2 days after I created my account.


97 Responses to “How to Register and Create an Account at the SSS website”

  1. […] I wrote a new article that documented the steps on registering an account on the new SSS website. Please visit here: SSS, Are you kidding us? It’s not funny. […]

  2. ako na lang kaya gumawa ng website nila? ahaha.

  3. magkano kaya ang budget declared for that primitive website.. hayyy… pilipino nga naman.

  4. walang kwentang website. asar. baka mga 10 years pa bago ko ma receive yung password and username ko!

  5. you forgot to erase your email address in your tab.. lagot ka!

  6. Wahahahahha.. I tried to be so smart, palpak naman. Binura ko muna ang image.

    Patay ako.. They got me. Hehehe. Joke.

    Thanks spankme.

  7. same prob po miss mitch..ala akong nareceive na confirmation..grabe kelangan ko malaman kung pd na ko loan T_T

  8. i tried to register too and did what u did. i expected to receive a confirmation email at once kaso it took roughly 48 hours to be delivered to my inbox. grabe ganon ka slow ang response. unreliable talaga. then i tried to register names of our employees to check their loan payments and (f**k), i cannot enter the same email address twice.

  9. bittersweet Says:

    hi, ask ko lang. lam nyo ba kung saang branches na lng ng SSS pwedeng kumuha ng ID? almost all of their branches here in MM have out-of-order ID machines! im about to get my ID this november, so pls reply if alam nyo kung saan and kung alam nyo din ang phone number. thanks a lot!

    and thanks for this article and ur previous article about SSS ID. :))

  10. i agree on you guys!! their website is a trash.. have not successfully registered daw!! un ung laman ng inbox ko!!!then twag daw s sss hotline!! damn!! if not busy hindi sumasagot!!
    Bka may modus operandi n nmn kaya palpak n nmn.. mga tga gobyerno tlaga!!!!

  11. hardrew_rolly Says:

    ako eto nrecieve ko same cguro kmi ni charie ng narecieve…
    wala man lng cnabi kung ano mali sa registration ko.. asar………

    “We are sorry to inform you that you have not successfully registered in the SSS Website.
    Please call SSS Hotline (632) 920-6446 to 55 for assistance.

    Thank you for using the SSS Website.

    This is a system-generated e-mail. Please do not reply.”

  12. hi guys. nagregister ako 10 mins ago. nareceive ko na ngayon yung email confirmation. mukhang nagiimprove ang i.t. nila.. nakapag-login ako agad. ayun lang.. sana tuloy2 na ang improvement sa service ng sss.

  13. ang pangit ng sistema nila…nakakainis…grrrrrrrrrrr

  14. This is the Philippines. Of course bulok ang systema. Until now I havent even gotten my ID yet. Damn Cebu SSS

  15. Help, I entered the wrong email…So, they must have sent it to the wrong email. And that person may have access my account already…any suggestion…This website really sucks!

  16. Hi Ben,

    Please call the SSS Hotline: SSS Hotline (632) 920-6446 to 55 for assistance.

    The information received in the email contains your username and password so if the email you entered is owned by a Filipino, there is high possibility he can log on to your account.

    Good luck! 🙂

  17. Yes… their system sucks. Especially sa SSS Cebu. My gosh.

  18. i also tried to register. im still waiting for the email confirmation for the password. Should i really wait for it? or im waiting for nothing? How did you get your password?

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Rae,

    Yes, please wait for it. Ise-send rin nila sa email mo about 1-3 days after. 🙂 I got mine about 2 days after I created my account.


  20. Thanks Mitch! =)

  21. just registered & didn’t get any confirmation email that’s why i got here. i’m currently unemployed, yet i ticked employed — ‘coz i used to be & the other choices just would not apply to me. tama ba ginawa ko? sana ma-receive ko na password ‘coz i need my contribution printout.. for those having a hard time getting their id, if you happen to have a home province (mine is in Leyte), check out their SSS office. walang pila kasi dun sa Maasin, kaya mabilis lang & i just waited for them to mail my id to cebu:)

  22. hi mitch..

    22o ba yan naopen mo yong account mo sa SSS?
    bnigyan ka ng password?

    me kc yesterday lang pro wala palpak pa din sila..


  23. registering an account is a breeze, just read carefully.

    thank goodness, the password was sent in a matter of minutes, 10 minutes lang.

    thanks mitch for a great forum.

  24. hi naky bad trip tlga website ng sss lalo na online inquiry nila… tama naman id ko at password tapos malalaman ko after 3 times na block na ako… eh samantalang nag double check pa ko ng id at password ko tama naman…

    Possible ba na ma hack yung mga info natin sa online sss at mawala yung mga contributions?

    wala na bang ibang ways na makapag inquire ng mabilisan sa sss kasi pag tumatawag ako wala naman sumasagot tapos minsan busy nman… ay naku…

  25. Sana ung dating ss site nalng maganda pa yun. Pero ngaun ewan. Gobyerno talaga pa ang isang tao umaasinso e hinihila naman pababa….walng public concern. Di gaya ni Obama na Public is important. Nakita ko nga sa isang friend ko ang dami nyang Employer na pinag tatarabhoan pero walang contribution. Paanu yan.

  26. OMG! It was very frustrating! I did the whole process 3 times! Imagine 3 times! And all I got were 3 system generated reply saying my registration wasnt successful.. kainis! What the hell is going there? They supposed 2 give good service to the members but instead they are giving us a pain in the ****. Are they hiding something from us that’s why they are giving us this hard time in registration? I would really like to give them a piece of my mind and thanks for this site, I could at least express my dissatisfaction!

  27. ,,1,, e2 cla walng kwenta kasi govyeno natin palibhasa nangangatal sila mag agawan sa pwesto para makakurakot tang inang site yan di ko makita contribution ko.,.,.,.,

  28. nkakainis almost 1 week n aqng nag regstr tll now hndi p rin aq nka reg… hndi aq mka pasok rqst connection failed… pls namn sna mka reg n aq i nid d print out tlga….

  29. hashpipe420 Says:

    if you are dealing with a government institution, expect for the worst!

  30. aurorateenageriot Says:

    sss is sick to death, grrrr

  31. “You have successfully sent your registration information to SSS.
    Please wait for the e-mail if your registration is successful together with the password.”

    wala talaga… Hay Pilipinas, kailan ka pa kaya magli-level up?

  32. 10 minutes huh… baka naman taga-SSS yang isa dyan sa taas na nabigyan ng confirmation email within 10 minutes. may “registering an account is a breeze, just read carefully” pa ang kumag, eh palpak nga eh!

    HAY NAKU! Ewan ko na lang kung na-GSIS pa ako…

    pambihirang insurance system meron tayo, onli in da pilipins talaga! XD

  33. In fairness sa SSS site, mabilis at maayos nmn akong nakapag register… mdyo nagkaproblema lang nung nag change password, na retrieve nmn sya after a month… Question lang, san ba merong photo capturing for SSS ID at kung may max person ba per day? Tnx a bunch…

  34. Here’s what I got:

    We are sorry to inform you that you have not successfully registered in the SSS Website.
    Please call the SSS Hotline at (632) 920-6401 Local 6201 or email us at for assistance.
    Thank you for using the SSS Website.
    This is a system-generated e-mail. Please do not reply.

    I have read all the comments in this blog post, and super tagal na di pa din nila naayos yung site. 2010 na! First person to comment here was way back in 2008, imagine kung gano kabulok serbisyo nila. 2 years na wala pa din improvements.

  35. […] Next, print out a clearance to certify that you are qualified to apply for an SSS ID. To do this, create an account and register at the My.SSS menu found on the top navigation panel of the website.  Simply follow the steps listed by kulaypinay. […]

  36. That was a awesome blog post,I await some more post from you.

  37. good job sss-dagupan employees performed their duties ! they served the public well. i successfully registered in their website. i applied for a salary loan it was approved within a week but i receive the check 3 weeks later upon approval because of our snailmail- postmaster

  38. Useful report,Maybe I might sign up to your rss.

  39. Aldrin N. Loren Says:

    Gusto ko po mag ka SSS ID..

  40. marsy spughetti Says:

    omg. well i registered on-line din then i wasn’t able to get my password agad. so after few days i also clicked on forgot password.. it was sent but when i tried to log-in. invalid user name and password, it was so annoying! copy paste na nga yung password para tama talaga but no avail hanggang i got the message user blocked. i tried to e-mail sss about this pro nabalik din yung msg due over queue na.. really useless and annoying tlga!

    • EMELITA B. DSO Says:

      ako din problema.i have already sss number.why is it invalid?parin..kaya nga hindi ako makapasok sa sss online nato

  41. I have to register again since I forgot my password

  42. I’ve encountered the same problem.. Sucks!

  43. hay lagi ako nagttry magregister pero palagi lang bumabalik sa regitration kahit di naman sinasabi anung mali sa mga nifill ko.. utang na loob, last year pa ganito na

  44. same with me….napupudpud na ata daliri ko kaka type sa captcha code pero wala pa din. shucks! eh pang 3 email na yung gamit ko wala pa ding improvement pero yung isang kasama ko sa office nareceive nya na yung password nya at nakapag print pa ng contribution…hayyy…2011 na mabagal pa din ang system!

  45. Camp Boss Says:

    Same din sa akin kelan ba maaayos ito? May sagot na ba?

  46. ok naman sa akin. you just need to wait for the confirmation on your email.. same pa din ang username at password, kung anu ginawa mo yun din yung gagamitin mo.. mag-wait ka lang talaga muna sa confirmation nila on your email..

  47. ,nag try ako mag register sa membership form ng sss pero laging pinagtataka ko kahit thru pc o mobile pa ko mag create laging invalid sss number daw.
    eh un naman talagang sss number ko, kasora!

  48. laging fail yung pag reregister ko tama naman yung mga nilagay kong data sa field

  49. maczZ_haha Says:

    Maghintay lang kasi kayo sa reply!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mga engooooottt!!!!!!!!!hahahhaahahah 🙂

  50. maczZ_haha Says:


  51. maczZ_haha Says:

    HAHAHAHA 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. Leilani Says:

    Pano po ba yun. antagal ko na nag register kya lng ibng email address yung nailagay hnd sa yahoo mail ko. sa company email ang nailagay ko then hanggang ngaun wala nmn nadating na password sa email na yun. hnd na tuloy ako makapag register ulit sa sss website online registration. ano bang dapat gawin ko ngaun. gsto ko malaman ang status ng contribution ko ng hnd ko na kailangan pumunta sa sss branch. 😦

    • same problem here 😦 I sent an email 3 weeks ago and been sending a follow up email pero 0 replies.. SSS really sucks! hayst nko…

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  64. Proffesor KiDz Says:

    nakakabobo nman ung sistema nyo sana naman gumawa pa kau ng ibang paraan para mapadali ito.. hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! nosebleed ako…….

  65. pag may time, ayusin nila sistema.PAG MAY TIME HEHEHE

  66. haaaaayyyy grabe almost a day naku kakareg nothing happens pa din sa registration ko ;(

  67. nu ba yan wala namang password na nkalagay at diko alam kung anu ung ilalagay na password. wat the F !!!!!!!!

  68. kailangan ko ng mag pasa ng static info. para sa requirements ko please help me kung panu makita yung static info . tenx.

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  70. tagal na po ako nagregister nong july 30 pa tapos palagi nag e-error kasi mali daw yong ss number ko so i gave up. pagkabukas naman register ulit ako kasi sabi ss number already registered daw. eh until now wala pa po ako natatanggap na verification e-mail! try ko din po register using my e-mail add kaso mali daw po. ano ba yan! any suggestions po ano dapat ko gawin?

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  72. mariejo lupig Says:

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    Im looking forward to your reply. Thank u

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  78. sira padin reregister pa kayo

  79. na buksan ko rin yung accnt ko ngayon medyo strict lang talaga for security reason din para sa atin lahat. be sure lang na secure din yung email add nyo

  80. Karen Mendez Says:

    I would like to create an sss again because my don’t work.

  81. wala parin ung confirmation link .. the deadline of my requirements will be tommorow ! ;( grabe sila

  82. lahat nalang ng goverment site nila palpak! sss, philhealth at pagibig! hai pinauso p kasi yung online online! pahirapan nmn! kaasar!

  83. same here im currently on the process im so upset too…million pa naman kinkta nla pero wala kwenta

  84. ang hirap mag apply online mas maganda pa yung dati nakakainis wala pa hanggang ngaun yung confirmation q dami q ng account na ginamit pero nganga parin

  85. nakakinis pahirap lng pgkuha ng static anu. pang silbi ng sss id kung auaw tanggapin s trabaho

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