How to Login to SSS

You will have to create an account and wait for your SSS password before you can proceed with the steps below.

1. Go to and click on My.SSS button.

2. Login with your username and password.

3. Once logged in, the home page will display.

4. Click on Online Inquiry and enter your username and password again.

5. Your Employee Static Information will be displayed. The small orange arrows are the navigation bar.

6. To check your SSS ID clearance, click on the first orange arrow and then SSS ID Card.

7. Since I’ve already claimed my SSS ID Card, the information below is what’s displayed. If you’re still applying for the SSS Card, the page will contain information if you’re already cleared to have your ID Card or not.


94 Responses to “How to Login to SSS”

  1. […] UPDATE (020309) – Since the SSS website is updated, Steps 2-4 no longer apply. Please follow this instead: How to Login to SSS. […]

  2. hoping to get a static information

    thanks a lot

  3. I do not know waht to input here: SBR NO. found on the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS — I’m just new in applying for SSS ID

  4. Hi memz, I’m sorry, I have not filled up an RS5 Receipt Form and don’t know what SBR is? Is there any explanation in the form what it is?

    Sorry I can’t help you out.

    Good luck. 🙂

  5. This is very helpful indeed!!! Thank you so much for this info… Especially today that only a number of SSS offices offers ID Data Capture..

    Before I come across this blog, I went to the Main branch and guess what..

    1. Pila ka pa rin kahit pagkuha ng form. The other officesdon’t give out and validate E-6 forms. Dun daw kung san magpapapicture lang pwede.

    2. Kukuha ka ng number sa isang area para mavalidate yung ID mo… and guess what kulang nalang umabot ang pilang yun sa labas ng office.. AND IM NOT EXAGGERATING.

    3. Bibigyan ka ng schedule para magpakuha ng ID. Which means babalik ka sa SSS. Isan na namang mahabang pila…


  6. Hi Li,

    Yung sa akin, I just downloaded the E-6 form, printed it and filled it up. Then sa ID validation, I logged in to my SSS account and available na dun if you are valid for an ID; just print the page. Tapos, when I had the E-6 Form and printed validation, pila na ako for the picture-taking. Yun lang. 🙂

    Please read the steps here:

    Good luck. 🙂

  7. kelan b makukuha ang password? nalog-in aq ngaun, wla pa rin ung password… Urgently needed na kasi……

  8. Ang galing nman ng step-by-step guide na pinost nyo.. Keep it up!

  9. After several attempts to register, finally, I got my password… Worse is when I am about to log in, there is a red message which says that my account has been blocked. I have done anything yet, and my account is already blocked. Why??? And then, they indicated an Hotline no., but nobody is answering, I called up from Dubai and I spent so much money just to contact and inform them. Is this the kind of service that they give us back in exchange of the contributions and as OCW member?

  10. Now, I only requested my relative in Phils. who knows somebody in SSS to get a statement for me which I will need for my application to migrate in Canada. I sent SSS several emails to complain about this mess, at and at certain person’s email,, which their representative gave me here, but I don’t know when I will get a reply. Imagine, since the time I need my records I even stayed up to 10PM, as many says, it’s very hard to get through in the website. Now, it’s almost 15 mins. past 10 pm here in Dubai and what’s the time in Manila???, and I still have a hard luck to check again and re-login if my account is really blocked. SSS website is a lot of b—s—, so to speak.

  11. @Maki – ganyan talaga. delayed yong password. I don’t know how they created this website when it is normally a standard protocol that the user receives the password IMMEDIATELY.

    @Don – I’m sorry to hear your experience. I’ll send you a private message. I can post your horror story para naman everyone would know. Malay natin, may makabasa ng posts dito.

  12. nagregister na aq peo nung mag sign in n aq invalid plagi ung password ko. peo sa registration naman walang password dun. kaya di ko alam din kung wat ba ang password?

  13. san ko pwd makita ung password jko dun. e wla naman me na fill up na password dun sa registration plang. kaya nd ako mkapg log in.

  14. wala lng ang cute

  15. i am about to apply for that E6 sss ID coz i will be needing it for my maternity leave kahit stub lang.
    Luckily I was able to read this stuff here and thank you coz hindi na ako xadong mahihirapan. mahirap magpunta sa mga ganung lugar lalo na’t 8 months pregnant ka.

    thnaks a lot again..
    keep it up!

  16. jennifer Says:

    bat po ganun d me makita ung contibution ko kung hinuhulogan poba o hindi

  17. Joseph Marquez Says:

    I already tried 6 times to register, but to no avail. I really do not know were the mistakes are. I called-up the SSS Hotline, wala naman sumasagot.

  18. bkit po ganon, ilang beses n po kaming nag try mag register pra sa sickness ko, pro til now d pa rin ko makapasok

  19. What kind of services does our government had??? like the other comments just recently when i had my password after my attempt to log-in there was this message stating that my account was blocked and i need to call their hotline. Sad to say it has been 3 days that im coling that number and no body is answering. Ano bang klaseng serbisyo meron ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas, sarili na nilang mamamayan di pa mapagsilibihan ng maayos????Sna ibalik nalng sa dati ang On-line inquiry less hassle!!!!

    • Tsk tks ganyan din ang problema ko worst nadito ako sa cavite at long distance call ginamit ko cp ko sa tawag naubos ang 150pesos ko ala pa ring nasagot… hay… buhay Pinas nga naman I used to print all of that
      ( SSS docs.) in my internet cafe shop in just a couple of clicks whaala… andyan na dami ko customer dati.. that was ended i think month of July 2008… when Mr. Nery sits.. ngaun ako na rin ang nangailangan wala na kay hirap talga…

  20. i agree w/ what dyan says…even the employer can’t verify/inquire the status of their payments (if posted so w/ the collection lists), even the sickness claims of their employees can’t be viewed due to the account was blocked for no reason…even their sss branch can no longer answer the reason behind their enhanced system and they will just redirected us to call sss main using their trunks na wala namang sumasagot….better pa iyong dating on-line inquiry na hassle free….sana ma-resolve na itong mga problemang lumalabas sa enhanced on-line inquiry dahil medyo matagal na rin.

  21. grabe tong sss na to. tapos palpak pa yung site nila di ka maka-login

  22. how can i know my employer no.

  23. irine sisante Says:

    how can i unbloked my account

  24. hey how come it keeps asking me for an employer ID from where i worked for 6 months? what if i haven’t been working for six months yet? 3 months palang ako nagwowork.

  25. tanong lang kong paano maka pag appy ng dis ability ang friend ko na seaman,, nagkasakit sya sa india at di na naka tayo hanngang sa umuwi sya dito ng pinas,,, pwede ba sya maka aplly ng dis ability???? ano mga requirements? taga iloilo sya? pwede ba dito process sa sss bacolod??????

  26. How will i know my sbr#? since i’m not employed til now after my previous employer last 2005?

  27. always nalang blocked yung accnt ko pag nag-e-inquire ako, bakittttttttttttttt

  28. freshlg grad. poh ako, my inaaplyan ko now e kelangan ng loan status, hindi poh ako mkpag sign up sa sss websitr at mkpgpaprint sa sss help me aman oh,kc nd dw nag exist ung user id at pasword,la pa po ako working experience,09232430140

  29. hello manilyn. may sss number ka na ba?

    wala ka pang contribution sa SSS kayahindi ka pa pwedeng makapagloan. kasi minimum of 3 years contribution pa ang pwede makapag loan. Ilagay mo na lang sa loan status mo na NONE.

  30. thanks a lot mitch. have already received the message from sss. hintayin ko na lang password daw.

  31. hello…gud pm pohh…ask lng po sana ako ..bakit poh my ibang agency hndi mag reremit ng sss contribution..kawawa poh ang mga employess like mee…pls poh..pki investigate po..

  32. I have already an account and I log-in it once but when I re log-in it again my account has been blocked. How to open that again because I want to have print outs to my static Info as one of the requirements of the company.

  33. pavor nmn panu mag login sa sss member online anung user name at paswword gamitin?

  34. mag bukas kayo?ng google..tapos search nyo how to log in sss???????????????tapos yun kita nyo na kung pano?mag log in?sa sss thanks????????????????????

  35. wala bang may alam dito kung saan makikita ang sbr number na iyan, paano kung first time mo palang mag pa member ng SSS at di ka pa nakakapag hulog kahit minsan, could somebody please share something that is productive coz all I see here is nonesense offense

  36. One of the very reason why voluntary or self-employed SSS members who are trying to register at the SSS Online Inquiry system failed is because they entered the wrong SBR number.

    I tried registering at the SSS Online Inquiry system for 20 times already. But at least, the finally I successfully registered with the Online Inquiry system of the SSS.

    So, how did I get the SBR number?

    Okay… I have the receipt in paying my SSS contribution. It’s actually my copy of the RS-5 form. In the upper part of the form (on your right) is the validation printed by the machine of the agency where I paid my contribution. I was paying my contribution at the RCPI Maasin. And the validation print says:

    SSS>T#00012345 12345678 11/03/09 03:20

    The SBR number that should be used in the SSS website is only 6 digit. But the SBR number printed on my receipt has 8 digits which is 00012345. So, what you need to is just use the 6 digit starting from the last digit of the SBR number. From that example, I only use as the SBR number the 012345.

    Posted by Maasinhon at 4:21 PM 0 comments

  37. pwede po ba magtanong kung paano yung mga right steps to apply maternity leave??I’m a crew in a fast food chain…your reply will be a great help specially to my baby…thank you so much po…
    paki email nalang po ako ……….thanks po…

  38. Hi. Ask ko lang, kaka apply lang ng sss ng mother ko.. can she apply for an ID na ba? tnx

  39. gud day..please help me to sign in on sss website.gusto ko lng macheck ang aking updated n hulog s sss.tnx

  40. i just want to get an static information from sss because it was one of our requirement for my application then, when i open the website of the sss and try to access the online inquiry i was asked to create my account first,but i wont able to create because i am also ask in my registration about the sbr no/otc but i dont have that sense then i am not yet a member of this i’ve just get an sss how can i access to this website so that i can get an employee static information online??please help me,i am very much in need of that form because i need to submit my requirement this monday..thank you very much,hope for your kind help..godbless

  41. AngelDevoid Says:

    Yeah, 1st time to register here online. When attempting to register at the last part of the page it will ask for your employer id if you are employed. Since I am employed, is there any means of getting that through the site or the only way is to ask my employer for their SSS id. Can someone answer me? Thanks

  42. janice celino Says:

    matagal na po akong nag register sa SSS, bakit hanggang ngayon eh hindi ko pa narereceive ang password sa email add ko. hindi na po uli ako makapag register kasi naregister ko na yung SSS# ko.

  43. missoxymoronic Says:

    Hi! May i know which SSS branch you got your SSS card from. I’d rather get mine from the same branch you got yours just to make sure, because there were some comments that other branches are unaware of this procedure.

  44. hello!!! i am trying to use the online inquiry… but i have a problem with my registration online.. my employer’s id has 12 digits.. but the SSS website accepts only the 10 digits of my employer’s id.. what should i do??? how do you register your employer’s id??? thank you so much 🙂

  45. gud day! im just asking of how to register online im just wanted to check my employee statistic information about my past employers. 6-6-1987 is my birthday and 34-1215580-9 my sss #. thanks.

  46. […] How to Login to SSS « .: kulay pinay :. […]

  47. …nag reg din po aq s sss pra mgkaron ng accnt..check ko kasi ung statistic ko… ng ngfifile n aq merun dung sbr no. tinatanung sakin ..anu ba un at san un makukuha..tinignan q sa form q wala nmn dun ung sbr.. nkakuha n aq ng sss id wala nmn din dun…kaya ngimbento n lng aq dun ng ilalagay q…aun succesful n daw ung reg..pero hangan naun ndi q p nqririciv ung pasword q sa sss…TINIGNAN Q SA EMAIL Q WALA DUN…haist sana ma2lungan nio po aq kung PAANO GAGAWIN Q PARA MAVIEW Q UNG STATISTIC Q? AT PDE BNG MGINBENTO NG SBR NO.? MARAMING SALAMT PO!!! …pakitex n lng po sa # n TO PLS….09128790131…MORE POWER GOD SPEED!!!w8 q po respnd nu

  48. lilian boseo. cahanap Says:

    hoping to have a copy of sss static information and sss employment history


    SSS Number: 34-1253225-7

    BirthDate: 12-05-1989

    pls send to my email pls……..

    Email ADd:

    pls naman kailangan q kaagad kxe….
    lhat n ginawa q n…


  49. lilian Cahanap Says:

    sna post mu din ung picture ng sss employment history need q din un….


    pls….. ung wlng record ah….

  50. Tangina!!!! Gumawa pa kyo ng website eh la nmn kwenta. Mag register ka, d pa accept. Need m na yun info, pumuti na yun uwak, ala pa din. Jan m makikita na ala kwenta mag patakbo ang PILIPINO!!!! Sad but TRUE!!!! Kung tlga para sa MASA cla, sana inayos na nla agad yun website kc matagal na na issue to. FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!! All they do is GET OUR MONEY… DANM U PEOPLE THERE WHO ARE DOING NOTHING to resolve this issue. D kyo karapat dapat jan. LA NA TLGA PAG ASA PILIPINO!!!!

  51. mark_anthony_grantos Says:

    bakit wala pa yung password ko sa email…. pls kilangan ko po ng copy ng SSS info static………..

  52. Bakit po d na dumating un password ko sa yahoo mail ko ,nakalimutan ko na rin user ID ko.please help me how to get an access on online sss no is 33587211580,thanks

  53. bkt po ang tagal dmting ng sss ID q last december 2009 p po me ng p ID ala p rn po til nw gnun po b ktgl tlg n dting ung ID

  54. Roderick teves Says:

    pls unblock my sss account.thank you

  55. jovesa jovero Says:

    nagblocked po ung account ko….di ko alam gagawin ko,,,,,sss# 3394495988……user name JOVESAJVERO..PASWORD BABYYUBERT. BIRTHDATE 04-23-1987

  56. jovesa jovero Says:

    NAKALIMUTAN KO PO PASSWORD KO….di ko alam gagawin ko,,,,,sss# 3394495988……

  57. how can i apply an sss id online?

  58. pano kung wala akong reciept ng RS5 gusto kung mag member to check my contribution baka nabawasan na, before kasi ang dali lang mgcheck ng contribution sa SSS ngyn sobrang hirap na, pano ba gagawin.

  59. falcon g basher Says:

    plss…kindly send to my email sss contribution until dis month..tnx…

    name; FALCON G. BASHER
    SSS#: 0223123492
    bdy: nov 04 1986

  60. falcon g basher Says:

    plss…kindly send to my email sss contribution until dis month..tnx…

    name; FALCON G. BASHER
    SSS#: 0223123492

  61. how to register in your website as an employed if you no longer knew the sss# of your previous employer?

  62. gud day. bakit po hndi ako mkapasok sa website nyo, kc po kakaregister ko lng then hindi daw po ng-eexcist ung userIDor ung Email ko d2. pls reply po sa email ko d ko po alam kung ung user ID or password ung ayaw eh. nu po bng dpat kong gwin?

  63. hello paano ba pag OTC nag bayad me sa SM Bayad Center and it has 8 digit 00012345 i tried to remove two digit from the start i use 0123456 to make it 6 digits but it said unknown sbr # 😦

  64. jaymar oliva Says:

    nahihirapan po kami magregister.. hinihingi pa ung receipt #/OTC.. pano ko po ba makukuha un? san ko makikita un? pls answer po.. thanks

  65. how about if my OTC# is T#1234Z567 there is no 0 and letter Z on the middle i got my RS5 from st. lucia east rizal?

  66. norberto Says:

    how can make sss online with i have discrepancy in my last name help please

  67. norberto Says:

    please help me now

    • for registering voluntary or self employed and having trouble how to get the right sbr# example if your receipt sbr # is T#1234Z5NQ count the 6 digit starting from the last example: 34Z5NQ is the sbr# and now you got the right sbr# you may enter it now

  68. jingay gregorio Says:

    what’s the hotline no of sss assistance? i never received an email and i dont now what username was used to have my acct registered. all i know is i try several times in the past to register online but i kept on having error messages. i tried ro rgister today and i’m getting a replythat says my sss no is already registered. it’s really frustrating.

  69. I tried registering several times, but when I click the submit button it says invalid sss number, but that is the correct number , I have checked it from sss still can’t register because of that.

  70. how to unblocked my sss account, please help… tnx…

  71. how to unblocked my sss acount,…please help.thank you

  72. len mallorca Says:

    HI,, PO ,, help naman po kung paanu mg reg. kc pag try q po hndi aq makapasok..

  73. len mallorca Says:

    paanu po ba mag karoon ng password? galing po sa sss o gagawa po aq ng sarili q

  74. Joan Ruiles Says:

    Bakit matagal bago ko makuha ang password q.. mga ilang araw pa hntayin q.. kailangan ko na talagang mag loan eh…

  75. .. .kakabwesit nmn d ako mka pasok sa website ng sss

  76. ako kc kailngan ko ng static info ,,help nmn po pano? d kc ako mkapasok sa registration po

  77. pbalik blik kcung tanong sa preferred user i.d pati password..huhuhu…

  78. Bakit po sa tuwing magreregister nalang ako, “Has a Discrepancy in the last name” nalang po ang lumalabas? Need Help Badly

  79. Danilo M.Serdan Says:

    Gud day to you,sir.
    NapaKahirap po makapasok sa website ng SSS upang malaman ko kung anu na po ang pinaka update ng akin sss accounts.Pls,pakibigyan lang po ninyo ako ng magandang paliwanag.God bless and thank u sir!

  80. gud day to you.Pls,paki-update naman po ng akin sss static information.Napakahirap po kasi pumasok sa nyo website.Anytime na mag-inquire ako ay wala ako makita sa nyo site.Thank you very much and pls i need it asap.God bless

  81. fe clutario Says:

    pano po ba maretrieve ang user id and password sa sss nakalimutan po kase…ty

  82. Grace sanchez Says:

    Sa mga hindi po makapasok online sa sss, nagreregister po ako online text or call lang po 09192079646

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