Edits, July 11, 2008

I am only good with beginnings with little patience, perseverance and cannot hold interest on some things for long. This blog is a proof. I was enthusiastic with this blog’s concept and idea but have long abandoned the goal, hehe. The words below are my original purpose for this blog. Very far fetched from what it has become. LOL.

But still, I am pleased with this blog. I believe it has helped a lot of my kapwa Pinoys apply for an SSS ID. This blog post is quite popular and receives about a hundred visits a day. 🙂


About Kulay Pinay

Kulay Pinay is where I share things which I think would interest any Pinay in the Philippines and pinays from around the world. But maybe people might like my stuff irregardless of sex and nationality, who knows.. hehe.

In this blogsite, you will read condensed and summarized articles that I get from several Philippine magazines I read and from available resources in the internet. I aim to populate every Categories available in the KulayPinay.com website with articles that will catch interest of every Pinays.

Why Did I Create KulayPinay.com?
I enjoy reading and I read a lot. I am also an online researcher and I stumble upon interesting articles daily. As much as I enjoy reading about a lot of things, it is more fun to share them with people with similar interests and discuss them.

With this site, I want to meet new friends who appreciate the things that I find interesting. And I am hoping to meet women, Filipino women who would contribute and suggest ideas to discuss about.

What is KulayPinay.com about?
Kulay Pinay contains condensed articles of subjects/topics that will interest Filipino women. We Filipinas live a colorful life. We have diverse likes and interests, characters and culture that are results from industrial colonization and intermarriages with different nationalities. We can’t do something about it, better embrace and celebrate it.

Where Do I get the Materials that I write about?
From magazines sold in the Philippines: Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend, Chalk, FHM, Maxim, Seventeen, etc. and various sources found in the internet: forums, websites and portals. I post the source at the bottom of each article.


I would like to thank Rocky for the wonderful graphic in my header. She made the woman with the colorful head dress. I just ruined it with waling-waling flowers and stars. (Oh well, never was good at graphics). Rocky is the best vector artist I’ve ever known. You have got to see her works to see what I mean. Click Here.

The Kulay Pinay domain name was also suggested by my genius college classmate and friend, Bagsy aka Louis Mark Plaza, hehe. Thanks Bags!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Paano malalaman ang sss number nang papa ko?

    matagal na kasi ung sss nya.. single pa lang xa. marami nang taon ang dumating hindi na nya nabayaran ang sss nya…

    Tanong ko lang po, pwede pa ba ipatuloy ang pagbayad? at maari din ba malaman ang sss number through internet>

  2. Hello lyn,

    I believe the best way to recover your dad’s SSS number is to go to your local SSS branch and inquire. Just bring a valid ID para ma-entertain ka nila.

    Sa tanong mo kung pwede pa ipatuloy ang pagbayad, I’m sorry I can’t answer that. Hindi kasi ako nagtatrabaho sa SSS.

    Maaari bang malaman ang SSS # through internet? No, you can’t. Ang internet system nila is for us to access and view our account. Sa account natin makikita kung magkano na ang contributions natin at kailangan ang SSS number para makapag-log-in. There is no way to get our SSS number through the internet.

  3. hi po…pwd po ba mmn kung paano mlman ans sss static info…tnx

  4. diko kasi mhnap ang sss static info eh

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