How to Login to SSS

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You will have to create an account and wait for your SSS password before you can proceed with the steps below.

1. Go to and click on My.SSS button.

2. Login with your username and password.

3. Once logged in, the home page will display.

4. Click on Online Inquiry and enter your username and password again.

5. Your Employee Static Information will be displayed. The small orange arrows are the navigation bar.

6. To check your SSS ID clearance, click on the first orange arrow and then SSS ID Card.

7. Since I’ve already claimed my SSS ID Card, the information below is what’s displayed. If you’re still applying for the SSS Card, the page will contain information if you’re already cleared to have your ID Card or not.


Honesty and How to Show It

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I was asked once by an interviewer:

How do I show honesty in the work place?

If someone is truly being honest, there should be no conscious effort at showing it because it would be evident. This is what I believe and it is much more troublesome to hide the truth that to show it.

Not the best answer but it worked at the time. (She was nodding her head).

SSS ID Application Horror Story

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I received this comment from my  SSS ID Application Walkthrough post and I want to highlight this story because so far, this is the worst experience anyone can have for just applying for the infamous SSS ID as commented on the post.

This is a true to life, actual experience by Shaley.


Wow. You made it sound so easy to apply for the SSS ID card. Although the step by step process is correct, the actual is not even close.

I had been an active contributing member of SSS since 2002. The online information is really helpful, but when you go to the branch, it is a complete opposite – some of the staff seem to be easily irritated when asked for information.

Last 2004, I decided to apply for an ID card in Lapu-lapu Branch. I had actually completed the process and kept my claim slip for more than 6 months. I didn’t ask why it takes 6 months to get your ID; I assumed that they never ran out of members who process the ID card everyday of the week.

After 7 months, I came back to claim the ID card. Lapu-lapu Branch Information booth is manned by security guards. When I showed my claim slip dated May 2004, he checked his notebook for names, then he instructed me to go back next month. He said, most of the time it takes more than 6 to 7 months for IDs to be available.

I returned on March 2005 to check again if my ID card is available. The guard on the information booth told me I should file a complaint. I filled up the form and submitted to the information desk. Of course, I didn’t expect for any answers considering they don’t have any customer service to handle that.

A few days ago, after checking the internet again and registered to a new user friendly SSS website, I decided to process my ID card. I was informed by my colleague that Lapu-lapu Branch does not accept processing for ID Cards as of the moment because their machine is not functioning. She told me she was instructed to go to the Cebu City Branch.

Last Thursday, January 22, I went to the Cebu City Branch and arrived there at 9 am. After going thru a long line, the lady in the information desk just handed us a blank application form and instructed us to come back tomorrow. There had been no further explanation after she pointed to me the advisory on the table that there is no priority numbers for processing IDs.

I arrived at 8:30am on Friday, January 23. I thought I was lucky because the line was shorter. When it was my turn, I handed the completed form with a smile, but his face went from pleasant to funny. He told me the ID processing is over and he summoned the next person in line. Surprised with the information, I asked what time do they start the processing. He explained that they only accept 160 members for processing and there is no priority number, you just have to fall in line. He said they start at 7am.

Considering that I have to take a leave from work and wake up earliest in the morning just to travel from one City to another, the SSS staff’s simple explanation feels ridiculous to me. I had to walk out of there to calm me down before I yell to his face that I had to take a day off from my very busy work just to be rejected on 2 consecutive days because I didn’t know their schedules and rules.




If anyone reading this, I hope you have a good explanation so I may understand.


PLEASE LANG PILIPINAS, kahit itong SSS ID lang. Is this too much to ask????

Pano natin to ireport? If anyone can suggest how to call the attention of the right people, I will be willing to take action. Tulong-tulong tayo please. If you know anyone who knows someone with the right connections, please give me his number. I will do it. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

Also, I would encourage everyone to send in their complaints against SSS. The more horror, the better and I will post them. If we’ve collected a substantial number of complaints and issues, perhaps someone would notice.

My email is mitchwah at

2009 na. It’s time for CHANGE! 🙂

My SSS ID is the most precious thing I own

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Reading the comments and horror stories on my first SSS ID guide, I realize that my SSS ID is possibly the most precious thing I own right now. Probably more valuable than millions. (Well not really true coz if I have millions, I’ll bribe the SSS personnel to give me the ID).

And so because I don’t I have millions, I’m keeping a tight hold on my ID. I usually put it in my wallet but now, I’m leaving it at home under lock and key. Mahirap ng manakawan! Hehe.

Now that I think about it, they said the reason they can’t produce ID’s is because the machine is broken. Didn’t they think of contracting some company to make the IDs for them????? Plastic lang naman to ah, hindi Gold! Gosh, di ba talaga sila nag-iisip? Should we do the thinking for them ALL THE TIME?!

How to Register and Create an Account at the SSS website

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Okay. I had all the info needed to register my account at the new SSS website and I’ve got to say, grabe, bow ako sa pagka bobo ng systema nila.

Here are the steps at registering a new account. (I have screenshots pero tinatamad akong magupload sa photobucket. Sorry guys.)

1. Go to the SSS website.

2. Click on the My.SSS tab and click on Register sub menu. OR simply click here to go to the page I’m talking about. 🙂

3. Select Member. It is the default choice anyways so leave it as is.

4. Click Submit.

5. You will be redirected to the Registration page. Sa mga tamad, disregard the first 4 steps and go directly to the Registration page. 🙂

6. Fill in the fields. You will need your SSS ID, an email address and your employer’s SSS ID.

TIP: Businesses and companies usually post their SSS number in the lobby where the public can easily see it.  Look for a plate similar to the license plates found on cars and jeepneys. OR you can just ask your HR officers and receptions for the company’s SSS number.

7. After you have completed the form and clicked Submit, a page will prompt you that your password will be sent to your email address.


So I said, okay, perhaps they really did send the comfirmation email and that kinuha lang mumu from my inbox. So I clicked on the “Forgot Password?” link na available naman sa login page. And behold, this is what I got:

(I deliberately erased my email address. Mahirap na, baka matrace nla account ko at nakawin nila lahat ng contributions ko just to spite me. 🙂 )

And then I said, okay, siguro I typed the wrong email address and I thought I will just fill up the form in the Registration page again. And this what I got:

Yep, EMAIL ADDRESS ALREADY EXISTS. Pano ba yan, does not exist raw sabi nya sa Forgot password page tapos already exist dito????!!!!!! WAATT-DA-EEFFFF??!!!.

I give up. Hindi ako naka login sa account kasi walang password. And I won’t bet at receiving it anytime soon. At gaya ng ID, baka sira na naman ang machine nila na taga-gawa ng PASSWORD!!! I just hope secure ang website nila because we are giving important info in there. Bwesit talaga.

Ipa-Imbestigador kaya natin to? And FYI, I wrote to ABS-CBN about this, LOL. Hindi ako nakatanggap ng reply. 🙂

Any of you guys had this problem? Let us know naman what to expect inside the precious SSS account. Parang wala atang successful na nka-register ah. Except for the developers siguro. Well, if the developers are Filipinos, mahiya naman kayo! We prided ourselves as India’s competitors when it comes to IT solutions. THE SITE IS DREADFUL. FIX IT!

UPDATE: I received my password about 2 days after I created my account.

I have an “Income-Generating” blog! Hehe

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Okay. I’ve wanted to buy a new camera and pursue photography as a hobby, but I never had extra moolah from my salary. So I was thinking of creating a blog and try to earn from adsense with it.

If anyone has read about my post regarding WordPress and not able to add Adsense on blogs, I have learned my lesson and opened a blog at I also bought a new domain and forwarded it to my new blog.

So friends (feeling close), if you have extra time, please visit my brand new blog:

Photography Quest

and keep track as I try my hand at earning online from a blog. 🙂

Blog Stats

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Wow. I never thought this blog could have this much traffic. LOL. I expected 0-10.

Behold the power of Google who referred most of these visits.